You may ask God any three yes-or-no questions and have them answered. What do you ask?

Feel free to substitute the Delphic Oracle, or Mimir, or the Giant Brain from Futurama which Fry was brought forward in time to destroy, or any other such omnisicent entity.

You may ask any question you wish, so long as it can be answered yes or no.

You must submit all three questions at the same time before hearing the answers.

If you ask a question that cannot be answered yes or no, you will be informed of the fact that you wasted a questiona and life is unfair.

What do you ask?

If you answer ‘no’ to this question, will I be rendered invincible?

That’s not quite the paradoxical question you think it is. I can parse that and easilly come out with a situation where you’re not rendered invincible…
“No, You will not be rendered invincible if I answer no to that question”

OK then… “Do you play dice?”

  1. If there’s a purpose to life, what is it?

  2. Will I go to a good afterlife after I die, or is there anything about me I need to change to make it happen?

  3. Why don’t you provide strong proof for your existence?

  1. Are humans actually a virus infecting the Earth?

  2. Will we ever prove the existence of You scientifically?

  3. Is there an afterlife?




  1. Do you like Christianity better than Judaism?

  2. Do you like Judaism better than Islam?

  3. Do you like Islam better than Christianity?

There, that’s thousands of years of direct and bloody conflict solved.

Not only that, if The Omniscient One answered “yes”, it would’ve been fine as well. “Yes, if I’d answered ‘no’ you would’ve become invincible. But I answered ‘yes’. Now die plz k thx.”

Did you just hand God a get-out-of-jail-free card, wierdaaron? :slight_smile:

As for the questions, I wouldn’t care because I wouldn’t necessarily believe this… being… was truly omniscient or truly honest.

Uhm, OK, those are not proper answers to my questions. Are you real or an artificial intelligence program?

ETA… Oh crap, I read the thread wrong. My mistake.

To which the deponent replies, “You appear to be unclear at the meaning of the phrase yes or no question. Sucks to be you. :D”

I’ll try again.

  1. Is there a purpose to life?

  2. If I go on living life like I have been, will I go to heaven after I die?

  3. Do you plan on intervening in human affairs to right wrongs, wipe away sorrow, and create Heaven on Earth?

The third one is cheating. It’s actually three questions. Athena could plan on intervening in human affairs without planning to eliminate sorrow; she could plan on righing wrongs and eliminating sorrow without planning to create Heaven on Earth. I think you get told that your question cannot be answered yes or no and then laughed at.

It’s a three part question. :smiley:

OK, OK, Mr. Stickler for details I’ll change question 3 to

Do you ever plan to turn Earth into a paradise?

There, you happy now? :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t call it cheating. It’s more like a fair gamble. If the answer given is yes, then we learn three bits of information, if it’s no, then we don’t get any definite answer–we only learn that at least one of the answers is false.

• Do you really pay much attention to the day-to-day lives of humanity, or do you just check in once in a while when you get bored?

•Does the penis have a soul?

•Does the soul have a penis?

Does that ever work?

Yes: But it didn’t answer “no”, so you aren’t rendered invincible.

No: It answered “no”, and that was true.

(Sorry for the continued hijack.)

Question #1: Do you exist?

(There would be no further questions.)

  1. Should I change careers?
  2. Should I move back Home?
  3. Will the Dow Jones increase more then 10% in the next 2 years?