You win the lottery - what are the top 3 toys you buy?

1 - An 88 key Triton Studio

2 - A brand-spakin’ new computer to replace this tired, 5 year old machine

3 - Infinite wishes (er, wait, this isn’t a genie in a bottle thing, is it? Oh well, in that case, I want a pony)

1-State of the art music recording studio. Cuckoorex, I’m here for ya.
2-Time to use #1.
3-Peace and prosperity for all humankind.

tanookie, I built the kids one of those sets (5th picture down) for about $1500. Get on Mr. tanookie! (so to speak) Unless you are the fix-it-person around the house, in which case…get yur behind in gear!

Oh, and if “Peace and prosperity for all humankind” are not currently available, I’d probably spend it all on building good orphanages for kids who need them. See Chinese Children Charities or Half The Sky if you want to help but haven’t hit the big one yet.

A classic example of a car being vastly ovverrated.

Plus unless you live in an area where it doesn’t get very hot or humid during the summer, you won’t be out tooling around in it very much, as it doesn’t have air conditioning and to call the ventilation system primitive is a very, very high compliment.

  1. George

  2. Brad

  3. Kiefer

[sub](Just how much did I win?)[/sub]

  1. TV quality video equipment and editing suite. (Have to do research to come up with specifics - won’t bother with that until I have the money in my hand.)

  2. Ultra-spiffy herb and vegetable garden, including gardener(s).

  3. Personal high-solids biogas lab. With assistants. Probably near a dairy.
    (The personal library is assumed to be included with the new house, right?)

My very own island in Italy.

The New York Knicks, just so’s I can kick Don Cheney the hell out.

One of those 94" monitors that Zenster started a thread about. 'Cause I’d want to give my sweetie something, and I know he’d love it.

Mo dear, you reminded me… I’d buy the Orioles, if the award was big enough…

Wow, Maureen, just wow! There was a small island in a Norwegian fjord on sale for 300,000 euros. I never knew you could buy a whole island that cheaply!

94" monitor? Drool… yes please!

A forest.

Yeah, HOW COOL CAN YOU GET!!! I mean…your OWN ISLAND!! Still not sure I want that specific one, tho…I’m going to keep shopping.

  1. Porsche Carrera GT
  2. Extra 300L and aerobatics lessons
  3. Adopt one of Maranello’s finest for weekend fun and games

A fine library would be one of two major features in the home I would build. I fantasize about being able to go to a bookstore and not have to look at the prices.

The second toy would be a professional style kitchen. A Hobart mixer, lots of counterspace, with a big freezer, walkin fridge, and a multitude of dry storage. With a mini-library off of it for the cookbook collection. I wouldn’t need lot’s of fancy gadgets but I would get the best and sharpest knives money could buy.

And I would never buy "fake"yarn again. All natural fibers. I’m currently crocheting a pair of winter gloves with some hand-spun and dyed alpaca yarn I bought two weeks ago at the Renassaince Festival in Kansas City.

And everytime I spent for one of the above luxuries I would “salve my conscience” by donating an equal amount to something like danceswithcats mentioned. Over and above other charitable contributions.

The 300 SLR Gullwing is a magnificent example of motoring meeting style. Would you disrespect an Auburn, a Cord, a Tucker, or a Deusenberg because they lacked A/C?

Were I able to afford a 300 SLR, I’d be willing to sweat a bit.

that’s not a toy man!

  1. Definately the professional kitchen, hobart dishwasher, convections ovens, walk in fridge and freezer, stocked to the gills, and a couple of sous chefs and a dishwasher person.

  2. I’ll forgo the library and buy a bookstore and just live there!

  3. I was thinking a small tropical island, but a really good computer system/home entertainment system with a T3 line would be even better.

One of these would be nice.

  1. A (relatively) small house with a HUGE garage and NO close neighbors.

  2. A few cars/toys: a Jaguar xke 12 cylinder convertible or an xk120, a '71 Mach 1 Mustang (351C black with a flame job), a Lincoln “sport coupe” (the biggest 2 door Lincoln I could get).

  3. Motorcycles (too many to list but none would be newer than 1974)



Funnily enough, my SO would probably want a Catalina seaplane/flying boat. Or at least some trips in one.

I’d want a f-off big plasma screen TV. Or a library. Probably the library. The TV is on my SO’s wishlist.
And a big kitchen with a big range oven and a really good espresso maker. And, damn it, a tandoor.
And a Citroën DS, in decent nick, and probably a course in car mechanics so we could keep it in decent nick.

Who needs a bigger, faster computer? I’m RICH damn it - I’m not going to spend my time in front of a silly computer.

  1. Home on Anguilla
  2. Travel. Lots and lots of travel.
  3. Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz. One of the big sedans.