You win the lottery - what are the top 3 toys you buy?

You’ve won the jackpot. After you buy the new house and car, and pay off all your bills, and help out your family, what would be the top 3 toys that you’d purchase?

For me:

  1. A Canon EOS-1Ds camera, 11.1 megapixel, professional quality.

  2. Apple Power Mac G5 with dual 2Ghz processors, with the biggest monitor known to man.

  3. A complete home cinema system, with high definition projector, and top-end dolby pro-logic speakers.

Its nice to dream… :slight_smile:

What gadgets would be top of your list?

  1. A loaded dual Opteron computer, with a monitor from these guys

  2. The best Mig the Russians are willing to sell me.

  3. A Humvee. With Armor package.

I’ve already paid for my humongous house complete with full NBA-quality indoor basketball court, PBA-quality bowling alley, IMAX theater, etc? I’ve already paid for my complete collection of Lamborghinis and Ferraris?

I guess after that, all that’s left is whores, whores, whores!


OK, I was just kidding. Of course I’d have to get the most kickass computer ever built. Then I’d buy some kind of really snazzy mini-yacht. Then I’d buy a set of high-quality musical instruments and hire the best musicians in the world to teach me how to play them.

A boy’s choir with voices like angels. A lunar shuttle. An Oxford English Dictionary in a 12-point font.


We’re talking a BIG win - eight figure - right?

Well, I’ll have me a ME-262. Then I’ll get myself an AMD64 based SFF PC from Shuttle or Biostar with the best graphics card available and two big TFT monitors.

Then I’d buy myself a knighthood.

Are they still making them? If they would sell them to Saddam, why wouldn’t they sell them to you? I really don’t understand wanting a Mig. :confused:

The ME=262 I do understand. :wink:

So I’m flying out of Seattle to San Jose one day in the Mooney and hear the following conversation. It’s unusual for a couple respects but first caught my attention because it there was no flight number (N52202 or United1234):

Seattle Center: MIG, we have you a 6000, 3 miles north of Olympia.
MIG: That checks.
Seattle Center: You’re cleared to FL250. Do not exceed 290 knots in the climb.

Toys would have to include a home theater and wireless networking with laptops everywhere, or whatever is the coolest. And rather than build a collection of exotic cars, I would start a collection of classic ol American cars: Old F85, all those ugly Chryslers from the late 50’s-early 60s and forward-control pickup trucks (Ford Econoline and Chevy Corvair), and a whole shitload of Stingray Corvettes (I won’t really save tha much moeny, but i’ll get more cars I think).

A decent sewing machine. I don’t think I’m good enough to handle a really snazzy one. And then a lot of fabric and chainmail links. I want to be able to play with silk velvet and $100/yard brocade and stuff.

I’d buy Mr. Lissar a very old and impressive katana. And a really good computer for both of us.

I’d also start up my own private and extensive library. Shopping for that would be fantastic.

I’d buy my hubby and I the arcade we’ve always wanted complete with both Dragon’s Lair games, Space Invaders, 1942, and a variety of old pinball machines.

Then I would have my ‘Monopoly Room’ built with a tiled floor hand painted to resemble the board so I could play as my own token.

And I would get the kids one of those $5,000 swing sets I see in the magazines!

Luxury yacht

Pool table

NBA team (cheerleaders included)

The car would be one of the toys! Porsche or Ferrarri, maybe both.

MASSIVE Home Theatre/Stereo

Worldwide golfing vacation. St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, Augusta (?) anywhere I could get on.

a beautiful g5 cube, all wirelessy with a titanium powerbook for downstairs and a steamproof mirror tile console for the bathroom, with a light keyboard that projects on to the water. all networked with a t3 connection and six photovoltanic cells to power them. i’m counting all these as one toy cos they are all connected.

a skycar, why drive when you can FLY

some kangoo jump boots, for tiggering away the day

Ha! I’m with Lissa. In addition to a snazzy sewing machine (the kind with embroidery cartridges AND a quilting foot) I want a knitting machine. I love hand-making stuff, but I have neither the skill nor the patience to actually sit down and knit a sweater.

#2 toy: a craft store of my very own. Fully stocked with polymer clay stuff, scrapbooking gee-gaws, beads and yarn. On second thought, scratch the “store” part. I’m not sharing.

#3 toy: big-ass entertainment center for the WryGuy and the Terrible Teen.

Arriflex 16SR system
Leica M7 system
Canon EOS-1Ds system

Can you guess what my hobby is?

I’d have a professional quality kitchen installed into my house. All the major gadgets, 2 convection ovens, 6-burner Viking stove, wine refrigerator, the largest refrigerator I can buy, and all the great pots and pans I can never afford.

A boat. Not necessarily a yacht, but something that I can tool around on the coast and ride out to Catalina on the weekends. Big enough to hold a handful of friends.

Speaking of Catalina, I wouldn’t mind buying a bit of property there. Just so I can have a little place to stay at when I want a quiet few days.

Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Gullwing coupe

Flight training and a helicopter to match

A facility for unwanted and abused animals/birds

  1. A Fisher 46 Motorsailer. Our 37 is just too crowded with two of us and a cat.

  2. A house near the Chesapeake Bay. After all, we need someplace to dock the Fisher.

  3. And maybe a little giftfor all my Doper friends. I could probably afford a mug for everyone, too!


Dental implants. (don’t ask)

1-The most luxurious, spacious, state of the art coach type thingy to travel for a full year to any national park. Not really a bus but the kind that can fit a full bed and bath …

2-A completely loaded work out room with sauna, free weights, all mirrored walls and gymnastics equipment. The floor should be wide and long enough to teach a dance class of 40 people. Wired for sound.

3-Playroom for adults. Leather furniture, best theater system, virtual jukebox, billiards table, basketball half court, and a stripper pole with runway