Your favorite bizarre/off-beat websites

I’m sitting here tonight in a little bit of a funk; I’ve got Massive Attack playing on my iTunes, and am trying to find some interesting/weird/unusual websites to get lost in for a few hours.

I don’t want a site that’s a list of strange news articles or anything like that. Oddities or strange insights into the world; pictures of people and things on the fringes . . . what’s out there?

Love Massive Attack. I like The Sneeze and especially the section entitled Steve Don’t Eat It!

Read the title as bizarre/beat off websites.

When I correctly read the title, I realized I had nothing to contribute.

Shhhh! I’m not supposed be telling you white people about Hot Ghetto Mess.

What fisha said, verbatim.

I must say I’d never run across this person before He has some backward joint thing going on.

Pictures of walls with stuff written on them Pretty self explanatory.

Modern Mechanix “Yesterday’s tomorrow, today” Basically, old magazines articles scanned. Makes you wonder what your grandparents were thinking.

Shoelaces. Ever wanted to tie shoes so they don’t look like anyone else’s?

Found Magazine. People find stuff on the ground and put it on here.

Shoelaces. Ever wanted to tie shoes so they don’t look like anyone else’s?

Oh wow - this site is cool! My eleven year old will be entertained for hours lacing/unlacing/re-lacing etc etc etc. More fun than an X-box 360! He’s a shoelace fiend. Can’t wait to show him this and let him at it (I might just hide my joggers …)

99 Rooms.

Well, there’s this old thread that discusses a pretty bizarre beat off website. Not exactly one of my favorites, but it’s a good chance to link to a hilarious thread.

Virtual Bubble Wrap - Courtesy of our very own OpalCat. The ultimate random time waster.

Overheard in New York - Some extremely surreal conversations, randomly overheard in public.

I believe that we had a thread on this about 6 months to a year ago.
Anyway, my choice then is the same as it is now
The Pylon Of The Month Website
Sadly, the website has been inactive since November, 2000 - a cultural loss not only for the Internet, but for the world in general. is the only site you need for weird/amusing/pointless/interesting sites. It’s a monthly archive of them.

Of the more interesting (from that site) I found is the site dedicated soley to people crying while eating food.

I forget the address, but I’m sure if you google “people crying” and “food”, it’ll be one of the first ones.

Googled it just now.
Found it originally via blinkerfluid. Have fun.

Despite the name, Pink Tentacle is safe for work, and very interesting, IMO. It’s a collection of the latest weird tech, science and culture stories, usually out of Japan. The news that will spawn the next ‘crazy Japanese’ thread at the SDMB or Fark will be on this site at least week in advance.

Glad I’m not the only one.

See what Rob Cockeram is up to.

Cats That Look Like Hitler

It’s Cats! That Look Like Hitler!

I always called the last cat to end up in the office Hitler. It had the face for it, and the cat’s official name was sickening to say. The office one was better than most of those on the site. It was almost white with some black spots, but the head was all white with only the black mustache, and it was symmetrical.

Check it a few times - it’s not always the same and there are possibly links hidden within the page.

This one!