Your favorite drink(s)

Yes, the official name your favorite drink thread.

Try to limit your post to only 1 or 2 drinks, max. It’s only about your FAVORITE.

Post the name of the drink, if you know what ingredients are in it and how it’s prepared, post that too. Most importantly try to explain what aspect of the drink you like the most. The texture, how it makes you feel, the taste? What?

I like water and orange juice myself.

Seperately, of course.

Favorite #1: Irish Coffee.

I only like this using Bushmill’s Irish Whiskey. I’ve found the quality of other brands of whiskey to pale in comparison to Bushmills. Bushmills has this remarkably smooth taste to it, and it doesn’t feel harsh going down. What’s more it’s like the thinking mans whiskey, where you can drink a lot of it but it seems the more of it I drink, the smarter I become. Can you believe that? It’s unusual but true. I don’t get sluggish as with other alchohol. The whiskey itself combined with choice coffee (accelerant with depressant - but this whiskey isn’t really depressing) is like a mellowed high. You get this energy rush from the coffee but at the same time you are calm.

Ingredients: Coffee mug of choice coffee filled 3/4, fill rest with whiskey. Stir. Place heaps of whipped cream on top.
Favorite #2: Guinness. Only the black cans (USA) or on tap (UK)

Not really a mixed drink, just beer… But man, so tasty… I really miss the warm, on tap version in London as I haven’t had it in a long time… The US version (import, in cans) doesn’t quite taste the same. Not only do you have to serve it cold, but it’s not as deep and rich as the UK version either… Still, cold or not, beats any other beer hands down. I love the dark taste and the creamy foam as you start the beer. It makes me almost sad when I get to the bottom of a glass of guinness, unless of course I have a lot more in the fridge! :slight_smile: Anyways, another thinking mans alchohol. As with Irish Whiskey I find that this beer removes a lot of inhibitions, but doesn’t make my thinking sluggish or impaired. I find myself with a lot of great creative ideas after drinking several pints that I may not have thought about before.

Russian Quaalude
1 part Vanilla Stoli
1 Part Frangellico
1 part Bailey’s

on ice, or gulp it very smooth, very dangerous.

Monkey Brains
start with vodka. Add spash of bailey’s then a few drops of grenadine. it the bailey’s slightly congeals and the grenadine makes it look like a brain with blood on it.

These are just some of the interesting drinks I have seen in my tenure as bartender.

My favorite drink is Capt’N’Coke

Mine is easy - unlike some of the mornings after :wink:

The Manhattanp

Four parts Canadian Club Whisky
One part Sweet Vermouth
Splash and dash of Bitters

Mix it all in a chilled shaker (fill it with crushed ice). Strain it out into a cocktail glass and enjoy

Gotta go with an Atomic Suicide here. It’s basically a Beaumont Suicide, but you drop an Atomic Fireball into it and let it dissolve. Um, that doesn’t help, does it? OK, a suicide is any mixture of different kinds of pop. A Beaumont Suicide is specifically a mixture of all of the kinds of pop available at the trading posts at Beaumont Scout Camp in Cleveland. Specifically, 7up, Pepsi, Orange Slice, root beer, and (the essential ingredient) Mr Pibb. And in case you don’t know, an Atomic Fireball is a hot cinnamon jawbreaker candy.

If you want something more conventional, I’m going to go with a Shirley Temple. Anything is good with enough grenadine syrup in it :).

Ciclon. Straight. It’s a beautiful substance, and not too pricey t’boot.

Damn, Chronos . . . until just now I didn’t know you could get heartburn over the Internet. :slight_smile: You actually drank an Atomic Fireball??? shudder

Me, I like chocolate shakes. Sometimes when I’m feeling a little kinky I’ll blend up a banana with the other ingredients.

As for alcoholic drinks, I dunno. A Jack and Coke, I guess.

The Dry Martini is THE definitive drink. It’s classy, tasty and looks cool and sophisticate, if that is, you know how to make it right.
To start with forget James Bond. A martini is neither shaken (it bruises the gin) nor does it involve vodka.
You gotta start by chilling a cocktail glass, no other glass is appropriate. With the glass still in the freezer you fill a shaker with ice and pour the gin in it and the stir lightly until the shaker is revested with condensation. Then you get the glass and put some dry vermouth in. You swill the vermouth until it revests the glass’ walls and then you throw the excess out. You spear an olive and put it in the glass and ad the chilled gin. It’s simple and tastes great.

That’s a then and an add not a the and ad.

I love fresh-squeezed orange juice. I just finished a glass of it.

As for alcoholic beverages, I like a frozen lime margarita with salt.

Mmmmm, my husband (but boyfriend at that time) introduced me to scotch and ginger ale. I have no idea what to call it.

A vodka Collins is mighty good, too. I love the cherries! :smiley:


I like Irish Coffee made with Jameson’s, but I certainly wouldn’t refuse a Bushmill’s!

And DAB beer - Ingredients - Water, Malt, Hops and Yeast, and nothng else.

I usually go for the citrusy mixed drinks:

Margarita on the rocks with plenty of salt and fresh lime

Lemon drop, with Absolut citron and fresh lemons

Those drinks can be unpredictable depending on the bar and bartender, so…

I usually order a Stoli and cranberry, which is, umm, Stoli and cranberry juice.

A classic “boilermaker” A shot glass of Bushmill’s Irish gently lowered into a mug of Canadian “Richard’s Red” Ale. Have a tug at a good Cuban Cigar{ sorry about that to my American friends} and raise the mug so the shot glass hits the underside of the tongue and the Irish spreads around the taste bubs and is washed down with the best beer in the world. One an hour will keep you sober and happy for an whole evening.

Captain and Coke

Clean burning fuel, that Captain Morgan is!

A tall glass of sweetened iced tea. mmmmm

As for alcoholic, vanilla shnapps and cranberry juice… not sure if it has a name or not, but it tastes slightly like cherry cheesecake. Delish.

I’ll second the Manhattan, but with Maker’s Mark - can’t beat bourbon. A close second favorite is three inches of scotch over some Ice with a good cigar on the side.

Phlosphr – what a great idea for the vanilla Stoli, Frangelico and Bailey’s! My favorite is a Nutty Irishman – equal parts Bailey’s and Frangelico on the rocks. So I’m sure I would like the addition. Is there a name for the combination of three?