Your favorite taglines

My all-time favorite is an old Bekins ad. (Bekins is a moving company.) The last part of their jingle went, (extraneous apostrophes added for clarity):

"…Bekins men are pro’s
And pro’s means poetry
In moving."

See that double pun there? Brilliant!

Also a billboard:

it’s just not Christmas without the JB"
* (whiskey)
*disclaimer: I never, ever drink whiskey. I just love that line.

And I love the MetLife slogan, “The Company You Keep.”*
*disclaimer: I have never bought insurance. I probably never will buy insurance. But it’s a very clever line.

An electrical company in St. Paul: Let Us Fix Your Shorts.

Ha ha! That’s great!

Last time I looked (admittedly, many years ago), the municipal garbage collection trucks in Honolulu were painted in the same color patterns as the municipal buses. And the garbage trucks had the slogan on them: “Satisfaction guaranteed, or double your garbage back”.

ETA: Quick google images search shows that it’s been used elsewhere also.

Trust Sleepy’s for the rest of your life.

Every kiss begins with Kay

When I was a kid there was a removal company whose vans had a big chess board on the side, with the pieces arranged so that any move (I think it was) white made, they would lose their man. Their slogan was “you move, we’ll take you”. I haven’t seen one of those vans for 25 years, but I always loved the slogan.

I miss the moving tips Budget used to put on their trucks. My favorites were “It’s OK to curse at heavy furniture” and “Do not pack dog and cat in same box”.