Your Majesty, you and all your ants go and fuck yourselves

(This thread is only directed at the English)

Are you all so afraid? You need to get rid of your inferiority complex. You are supposed to have the greatest Ants of all time, and yet every time your Ants have to face Argentinian Ants you start crying. Linepithema humile comes to your country, he doesn’t play by the Rules BUAHHH. Yet you all forget about his inspired performance against Spanish Ants.

Now 34 species of English Ants are threatened with destruction, their opponents are Argentinian and you start with the conspiracy theories. Why don’t you all go and get yourself fucked? After that you’ll be more relaxed. In that way your Ants will give a better performance against the Argentinian Ants.

We have some of the best (if not the best) Ants in the world. Chances are always on our side, we don’t need any illicit advantage, we don’t care about your Red Ants, we don’t care about the rest of your Ants. We are confident of winning.

So stop crying and start behaving like English are supposed to behave.

Grrrr. We’d get Beckham to stamp all over you if it wasn’t for his busted foot.

[Obscure Ursula LeGuin Joke] Up with the Queen! [/Obscure Ursula LeGuin Joke]

Good one Podkayne, I love that story!

Oh, and I should add that I find your parody very amusing Nostradamus.

So, when does Phase IV: Part 2 start?

Like a planetary eclipse, slow but inevitable, this thread has aligned itself with its partner. Yes, it took two hours - but what is time when we speak of the stately dance of the threads in the forum? - but Your Majesty, you and all your ants go and fuck yourselves is now perfectly poised above Your Majesty you and all your subjects go and fuck yourselves.
[Mr Burns]


[/Mr Burns]

In the current spirit of obscure-ish SF references, I would like to know if these Argentine super-anthills are surmounted by a sculpture of a kicking foot…

… and, if so, does said foot have a broken metatarsal?

How come no one ever bothers to talk about the American Ants? We’ve got real contenders here. I mean c’mon, the Fire Ant is in play all over the place and has always made a good showing. Just because we usually call them &#*% ants* instead of '*formicidae*' like the rest of the world doesn't mean they should be ignored. The phrase *&#% ants* is even British in origin!

I, for one, welcome our new ant overlords.

Vichysoise, anyone? I resent being a Human Slave in an Insect Nation.

I think they should go back to Formosa, where they came from.

Didn’t you read the OP? This is directed to the English. No English citizenship = no opinion.

I’ve a great deal of admiration for the English Ant, the plucky independent insect, gamely getting ready for the conflict with the oppressive Argentinian ant, which goes around in large groups…

…no doubt ganging up on lone ants down dark alleys.


Now I may not be English, but I am sure I speak for all.

The one topic that unites all of humanity.

should those ants get their asses handed to them by the Argentian ants…

tell those damn snively ants to take their German and Asian Allies with them when they get sent packing.

That’s right. roaches.

nobody loves a roach. not even roaches.

PT is correct. Tranquilis, go and fuck yourself.

This thread is about English Ants. It is about the upcoming match in the Ant World Cup. I am discussing what the English media is saying (that linepithema humile is intentionally going to destroy all English Ants). Again, please discuss English Ants.

Yep, I checked Tranquilis you are an American, you don’t even know what Ants are. Fuck off.

Aha! A Rise! A Genuine rise from the land of Warm Beer!

PT, Nossy
This, gentlemen (I use the word advisedly), is a public* board, and as you’ve chosen to toss your orb in public, so to speak, I feel that as a by-God American, that I simply must have an opinion, and you, as by-God Furriners, must listen to it!

I most certainly do know what &#*% ants are! I even had ants in my yard when I was a schoolboy. Mind you, not *every* American has to kick-over &#% anthills, or stir them with a stick, or place firecrackers in them. It’s our right as the most perfect example of nationhood to not have, or play with, &#*% ants, if we don't want to. Now we've got insects over here that are superior to &#% Ants in terms of annoyance and property damage, and we call those Fireants and Carpenter ants. None of this warm-beer English Ant stuff, nor any of this beef-herding Argentinian Ant business! No, those are &#$*% ants over here, and rightly so! 'Cause we said so, and can’t be arsed to line-up with the rest of the world. We’re Americans, and so must be different, and therefore, superior!

Now, on the subject of English &#*% ants, well, I can't understand why so many Brit's get into head-busting riots over the various nests and colonies... Why can't you just get drunk at the game and then kill innocents on over-crowded highways with over-powered cars like we do? I mean, that's *so* much more effective than plebian brawling in the street. sure, if you whack a guy wearing a Manchester Limited United Piss &#% Ants jersey over the head with a bottle, it feels good, but it really isn’t the modern way. Hell, you might not even hospitalize him! The proper way is to road-trip to Manchester, get properly pissed at the game, then climb into your Ultra-large Awkwardly-designed Gas-guzzling Furd Intimidator SUV, then drunkenly plow into a whole gaggle of Manchester Limited United Piss &#$% Ants supporters as they stagger their drunken way across the street. This ought to net three or four fatalities, minimum, and if you loose control properly, might even result in significant damage to nearby real property!

Speaking of the Manchester Limited United Piss &#*% Ants , why can't you brits be more considerate and name your clubs something intelligible to Americans? We don't like having to think too much, and your &#*% Ant club names alway make me scratch my head. It’s not very nice, and besides, I’m begining to go bald on one side now.

Have not seen a &#*% Anthill in at least two decades, I can say with absolute certainty and correctness, that at least, when it comes to English &#% Ants and Argentinian &#*% Ants, the English &#% Ants will win, because at least the British speak a language that I think I understand.


Hah! See!

As an American, I don’t even need to preview!

Hah hah!

Ah behave theesen.

I notice that they will not establish themselves properly unless global warming continues, these ants are just soft Southern Jessies, not like our proper rock 'ard Yorkshire ants.

Need a coat to keep warm in winter? Then tha’s a Southern softie

Yorkshire ants don’t even wear T-shirts in winter and they smoke tabs, and chew coal instead of plants and things.

Even if global warming occurs there will still be enough short term variations to see the little buggers off.

What about those damn Austrialian Jumping Ants?

Jumping Ants people!

Okay, so they’re not British, but I figured they probably started out life as prisoners of the British Ant Penal Systems (BAPS) and were shipped off down under with all the other criminals.

I saw these ants featured on the Discovery Channel the other night. Holy shit! Jumping fucking ants!

[adam ant] Throw your safety overboard and join our insect nation! [/adam ant]

qua qua da diddley qua qua da diddley qua qua da diddley qua qua da diddley qua qua da diddley qua qua da diddley qua qua da diddley qua qua da diddley

Don’t tread on an ant
He’s done nothing to you
There might come a time
When he’s treading on you!

Don’t tread on an ant
You’ll end up like a balloon
Cut off his head
Legs come looking for you!