Your moments of "I see what you did there," except nobody saw what you did there

Recent open season zombie threads have reminded me of many an unappreciated bon mot of my own over the years, that I was sad to see pass by unremarked. What clever or tittilating remarks have you made that went unacknowledged by the hoi polloi?

My proudest moment was in the recently resurrected thread on interactive toddler TV shows:

I see what you did there.

I did see that, and it did raise a smile. Very clever.

Appreciate that!

Excuse me, when is Baby Eisensteins on in the midwest?

I’ve had dozens of clever references (mostly in the Pit) that no one noticed. And I’ve always wondered, do I go abck and explain? I always just chuckle silently to myself.

Although once, someone resurrected a thread by quoting my Witty Quip just to laugh.

Maybe I’ll have time later to find some of those…

These don’t necessarily follow. I catch a lot of sly references, but rarely bother to acknowledge them with a post (the most recent was someone referencing Kim of Scott Pilgrim), and I hope I never break out the “I see what you did there” meme. I often chafe at the lack of in-post images here, but I don’t miss various squinting characters from pop culture tagged with that phrase and other memes.