Your MOST favourite....

My house, of course

YMF architectural style

Just about anything by Frank Lloyd Wright; Fallingwater is a masterpiece:

YMF historic home?

Casa Loma, in Toronto:

YMF Art Deco building?

The Chrysler Building, NYC

YMF ancient (BC) structure?

Petra, Jordan. Which I wandered practically by myself, before tourism infrastructure was set up.

Fav Tslamic natio.

If you mean “Islamic nation,” I’d say Malaysia. I’ve never been, but it sounds nice, and I had a college friend who was from there.

Spoons, I’ve been to Casa Loma - very impressive!

YMF majority-Christian country?

Ethiopia, which has the longest continuous history of Christian dominance

Fav disc jockey from your childhood

Alan Freed. I didn’t listen to him, but my older brother did, so I heard him vicariously.

YMF current disc jockey?


Fav foreign entertainer whom you have never heard speaking or singing in English

Edith Piaf

YMF living poet?

Najila Salih

Fav polygon