Your Nomination(s) For Worst Film Of 2010

Lots of threads for best film, with speculation of who will be nominated for Oscar and who will win.
But how about the WORST FILM OF 2010?

My SO and I go see a film about once a week, so we have seen some great films, and some not-so-great films.

My list is short - one nominee:


The was easily the worst film of 2010. Having never read the book, I went in open-minded and figured how bad could it be? Based off a hit book, had a huge budget, Julia Roberts is pretty good and I figured there would be some great scenery in some exotic locations.
This film was horrible on so many levels, and there are at least two threads here on the SDMB chock-filled with reasons why.

So, from new releases in 2010 - what is/are your nominee(s) for Worst Film of 2010?

I’m not as good a film-goer as you, so my pool of movies to choose from is limited. I’d say the worst movie I saw this year was probably Shrek Forever After. Boring, boring, boring.

However, I gladly concede that many far more horrible movies must have been released. I just did not go see them.

Sex and the City 2.

The series was wonderful. The first movie was pretty good, too, but this one… an abomination in too many ways to detail.

Grown Ups.

Done. I win.

MacGruber. May be one of the worst films ever made.

Skyline wins by default. I’ll think of a runner up.

Was Alice in Wonderland this year? I’ve tried to repress all memory of it.

I missed this, but I wanted to see it, if only for Javier Bardem and the scenery.

I also missed Shrek, Sex In The City 2 and Grown Ups, so I have no opinion on those.

Alice In Wonderland doesn’t deserve to be on the list. It was a fine adaptation. Perhaps a disappointment considering the talent of everyone involved, but not a bad movie unless you just don’t like fantasy at all.

I second these two:

Skyline is a good contender, if only because it was my biggest disappointment. I was really looking forward to it. It could have been so good, if it had had an actual script and decent acting. And an interesting story. And creative directing. And characters you cared about. And anything at all going for it other than cool special effects.

I had some hope for MacGruber. I’d never seen or heard of the character before seeing the movie, but I laughed at the trailer. All the moments I laughed at were in the trailer, but then seen in the context of the movie, even those moments were ruined for me.

I took a bullet and actually saw The Human Centipede in the theater. It was genius compared to those two.

I’m NOT nominating them, because they’re high-quality movies worthy of specific accolades, but the only movies I actively hated this year were The Kids Are Alright, and How I Ended This Summer. They’ve both gotten and are getting awards attention, and I snarl a bit whenever I hear the names, even if I agree with the mention (the gorgeous cinematography and great acting in Summer for instance, or the excellent acting and directing in Kids).

No one can answer this quesiton with any level of certainty until Uwe Boll’s Auschwitz comes out on December 31st.

Uwe Boll. Auschwitz.

Clash of the Titans was pretty bad and certainly deserves to be at least a nominee for worst film.

I’ll probably be all alone in this but…

…I must have checked my watch 20 times during Shutter Island. I literally counted the minutes to the end of the movie.

It just wasn’t your kind of movie, or you weren’t in the right mood for it, which doesn’t mean it’s a bad movie. Personally I thought it was one of the best movies of the year, and I hope it gets nominated for Best Picture.

I thought this about The Kids Are Alright.

I don’t go see movies with bad reviews in the first place, so all of my worst picks are movies that others probably liked but made me hate myself for falling for the hype. Alice was a horror in every way. It wasn’t fantasy; it was garbage.

I also really didn’t like Inception, thought The Ghost Writer was dull, and considered RED to be a disappointment that ruined a fun possibility. But those were nothing compared to Alice for sheer unmitigated awfulness in every dimension of moviemaking.

That’s the fun of these threads. Why even bother to mention a movie that had no pretensions to greatness in the first place? Dump on movies that should have been good but instead destroyed a two-hour block of your life.

Well yeah, but the difference is that I would never say The Kids Are Alright was one of the worst movies of the year. I think it’s probably one of the best movies of the year and will deserve its Oscar nominations, even if I’ll cringe when it happens. I hated it, but I don’t automatically think something is the “worst” just because I didn’t like how the characters acted or the plot devices. The very specific reasons I hated the movie have nothing to do with its obviously high quality.

Not that that really ties into Alice In Wonderland. I didn’t like it enough to defend it strongly. If it’s in the final poll I’m not going to be upset. I was speaking more of Shutter Island, which IMO absolutely should not be in the final poll just because someone was bored or hated the ending.

I assume a poll is coming?

The Last Airbender

Yea, people have mentioned some films that weren’t great. But I think Airbender is the only one I’ve seen this year that was just a straight-up terrible movie.

I haven’t seen most of these, but Pepper Mill and MilliCal did see The Last Airbender, and they couldn’t believe how bad it was. For all its faults, **Clash of the Titans did have some redeeming values, so I’ll go with Airbender.

The Last Airbender or MacGruber, without a doubt. Truly terrible films.

Of the handful of movies I have seen in the theatre this year, Eclipse and The Bounty Hunter were just “eh” for me. Most were pretty good or better, thank goodness.

I came in here to say Eat, Pray, Love. The OP already did, so I’ll just cast another vote. If I recall correctly, it’s the only movie of 2010 that I walked out of.