Your own personal Wikipedia

An old friend of mine is dying. He decided this week to go off dialysis and let Nature take its course. His brother let me know the situation day before yesterday and I spent half an hour on the phone this morning saying my goodbyes and filling in some gaps in our history. I hadn’t seen him in person in three years and that was the first time in another 15 or so. We were never all that close, but when we were together it was always fun. He was the source of the best jokes I ever heard and some of them even today are still funny.

He is/was one of the know-it-all types I have had in my life (Daddy was another) who was rarely wrong on any topic or issue and his knowledge and interests were without equal.

As a sort of memorial to Don I thought I’d start a thread to see if others have had a “personal Wikipedia” they can go to when the internet’s not available and expect to get an answer on whatever subject is bugging them at the moment.

Sorry about your friend.

I’m that guy with my friends. Though it doesn’t happen often, I love the odd text message or call at 2am or 2pm asking something totally obscure, and often - I imagine - settling a bar bet.

Thanks, drastic_quench, and I have been known to provide arcane information on odd topics myself.

One of the things Don used to say, not quite all in jest, “Well, in my opinion, which is vastly superior to yours…”

Another, “Well, in my experience, which is quite extensive…”

He had a way of saying those things for the laugh that never did rub you the wrong way.

One of a kind.