Your relationship with your pests

We’ve all got people who are a pain in our butts, some of them posters here, but we have to co-exist with them as well. What is your favored technique for coping with irritating people? Do you ignore them? Respond to them in detail? Make fun of them? Post parody threads about them?

(special prize to first poster to ID me as their chief pain in the butt)

Sorry, I’m not sure that I’ve even run across you before. :smiley:

I have a couple of stalkers here that I almost always ignore. Unless I’m really really bored. Perhaps if I totally ignored them they would give up, but somehow I think that sort of trolling is self rewarding even if there is no response.

Hey! Haven’t seen you in a while.

Ummm, on the boards, I don’t have any pests - I’m not exactly a stand-out doper, being fairly centrist and all, so I don’t have anyone following me around or really terribly interested in what I have to say. Not that that stops me from running at the mouth, but still…

In real life at work when I have pests, I work around them, generally ignore them when they’re being pests, and when I can’t ignore them, dedicate myself to doing my job so well that it’s clear who’s hindering a project (hint: generally not me).

At home or with my friends I don’t really have any pests. I do have “friends” (more like acquaintances) I’d rather not hang out with but who are in my circle of friends. Some are a little over-enthusiastic and don’t have a whole lot of people they hang out with because they’re a bit socially challenged. When they’re at a party I’m also attending, I’m cordial. They’re trying, after all. But I won’t commit to getting together. Having kids there helps - my friends rarely have parties where kids aren’t welcome since we all have 'em - both are under 5 and the baby especially demands a lot of my attention when we’re out.

Well, curlcoat, your obsession with equal rights for cat lovers is rather insane. I guess I find that somewhat obnoxious, because I dislike cats whenever possibly.

Not sure what that has to do with this, but when did I even mention equal rights for cat lovers?? :confused:

I try to treat them like everyone else. But secretly, I laugh at them.

In other words, like everyone else.

So how’d you spend the $500? That was your pest fee, right?

Donated most of it, in bits and pieces, to the Obama campaign.

I knew that would make **Liberal **feel good about giving me the money, though, so I didn’t reveal that for a while. After I told him, we became pals. Sort of.

I try to be civil face to face, but I’ll vent about irritants in my world either on the Dope or in my LiveJournal. I’ve been known to mumble at them under my breath also, but only when I know no one can hear.

My pests ARE my cats - they pester me unmercifully. Well, while they’re awake. I can’t wait until spring so I can start opening the back door and they can hang out in the yard instead of bothering me.

I don’t have any pests. I do have almost 10,000 people on my ignore list though.

Tolerate them, then complain about them to my mates (providing they are bothered by them too), or to myself when I’m alone.

I hope that those people find all the joy and happiness in life that I hope to find for myself.

To do less than this allows those people to live rent-free in my head. Which is not acceptable.

For the most part I just ignore them. I don’t have the time or energy to deal with people like that.

They’re allowed to sleep in my bed, I make them special meals and have cute suits for them to wear on Christmas and Halloween.

Oh, wait…

I think that I can count on one hand the number of people on this board that I think of as pests, or that I dislike. Fortunately, most of them either post rarely, or not in the threads I post to. For the most part, I just tend to ignore (not “Ignore” ignore, just avoid reading) the really obnoxious or terminally stupid.

I just don’t have a lot of energy for active hatred of anonymous people on the internet anymore.

Judicious application of fire.

From orbit?

Its the only way to be sure.