You're reuniting the Beatles for a world tour.

You have unlimited funds and persuasive powers to accomplish this.

Who do you hire to sit in for John and George?

John and George.

I figure that putting a couple of badly decayed corpses up on stage would go over with the fans just as well as hiring a couple of interlopers.

Hey, Lennon was into performance art, wasn’t he? Maybe he’d think it was funny.

I think a Beatles reunion would be a very bad idea. Part of their legend lies in the fact that they disbanded in their prime. A reunion would be a letdown.

Without John and George it wouldn’t be the Beatles, would it? Ergo your world tour is “Paul & Ringo”. Barely worth worrying about or mentioning any further names. Fill them in with faceless backing musicians.

You’ll fill a hall, but it still won’t be the Beatles. Any attempt to call them that would just cause a backlash.

Could give Ringo a rest and call the band Wings.

Julian Lennon and Sam Elliott.

(I’m a huge Beatles fan, too, so I dont apologize)

This reminds me of that old SNL sketch of a commercial for a show where costumes belonging to Elvis were sent on a concert tour after he died.

If the Doors can reunite with two members, Stewart Copeland and Ian Asbury, then Paul and Ringo could too if they wanted.

But without John to perform his own songs it would really just be a Paul McCartney solo tour featuring Ringo on drums. Anything without at least three Beatles (impossible now unless you want to count Pete Best) would cheapen things to the level of all those rock bands touring the county fair circuit with one or two original members (like John Kay and Steppenwolf), fake reunions (like the fake Byrds with Gene Clark and Michael Clarke when they didn’t really have the rights to the name), or Bill Haley’s Comets (who were still touring decades after Haley died with progressively fewer real members who ever actually played with Haley in the first place.)

Entertainment Tonight had a bit about the “Beatles Reunion” last night–Paul and Ringo at a benefit for George Harrison.

The Beatles were John, Paul, George & Ringo. Even if Julian Lennon, James McCartney, Dhani Harrison, and Zak Stanley formed a group, it wouldn’t be the Beatles.

Since Badfinger’s scattered to the winds, I’d probably bring in Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. Tell me you wouldn’t pay to see that concert.

Two words: Zombie Beatles!

“All you need is bbbrrrraaaaiiiinnnnnssss


lieu: I wouldn’t pay to see that concert.

Led Zeppelin = most overrated band in rock history.

Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey. (Roger can play guitar, by the way…)

I just thought of another pair, both with Beatle connections: Todd Rundgren and Peter Frampton.

All you need are two more bullets.

Clapton for Harrison.

yawndave stole my answer. :wink:

I wouldn’t.
But if you held a gun to my head, I’d pick Julian Lennon, doing his dad’s songs, since their voices are so similar. As replacement for GH, I’d pick Jeff Lynne. If you can’t figure out why, I can’t explain.

Get all the guys that played on their albums: Eric Clapton, Billy Preston, Claus Voorman, who else? Maybe toss in a Tom Petty and an Elvis Costello for good measure.

David Cassidy for John, Leif Ericson for George.

I didn’t know until today that Paul is an expectant father again (the first Beatlespawn since Dhani Harrison). That would be odd: imagine being born 40 years after your father first became a superstar, having to explain to the kid who “Daddy’s mate, John” was, etc…