I woke up early, except that in my state, I didn’t realize it…sleepy…
So I looked at the alarm clock with crust-filled eyes. Mmmmmph…class…at 8. It’s 7:15. Sleepy for 30 more minutes.

That sound you hear is my arm snaking out of the warm, comfy confines of my bed and poking the “nap” button three times for 30 minutes.

So, I wake back up, throw on a hat and go to class. I’m a half hour early. Grumble.

So I come back and putz around for 15 or so minutes and head back towards class. So sleepy…so tie-tie.

Class is cancelled. Gr.

I may sleep while typing this. A fella needs his beauty sleep, you know. I’ve got big, important sleeping to do, dammit. I…just…

head hits keyboard


For the record…I did type this thread, and this response to my thread, in my drawers. Why yes, they’re Easter ones as well.

Easter eggs on em and everything.

Are you still sleeping? Just how much beauty rest do you need?!? :smiley:

Nope! I am wide awake. I am also bushy-tailed.

And no pictures as to whether or not I need more beauty sleep

i do

…graduation pictures coming soon.
Until then…I think it’s about…time…for a nap…