Zack Snyder Justice League cut

The stars have aligned and Warner Bros. will give the fans what they have been asking for, a directors cut of Justice League by Zack Snyder.

I’m going to call this good news.

I think this is an achievable project given the Hollywood shutdown.
It has many things going for it. A good deal of the groundwork was there when Snyder left. It has a good potential for return on the investment and HBO needs a big pull to separate themselves from the competition.

The longer run time and the addition of Darkseid would make it a totally different beast.
Maybe if he can realize his vision it will actually be good.

His Watchmen was excellent. I didn’t know if it was the kind of thing I’d like but taken on it’s own terms it worked really well.
However, I totally hated Man of Steel. Batman VS Superman was pretty bad and I almost didn’t watch Justice League. Everything that made Watchmen great was the butt backwards approach to D.C. films. So, I was never one to call for a Snyder cut. We’ll see though.

When it comes to movies that unfairly lost their director I would really like to see is the Phil Lord and Christopher Miller cut of the Han Solo movie. But that truly is never going to happen. The studio made too much of a mess of it. Ron Howard and Joss Whedon were in the same boat. They are both good directors taped to take over a project too late to make their own and it end up bad.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Snyder cut. However, no matter what happens with it, that version of the DCEU is still dead.

I do look forward to seeing this. I will watch them back to back to better appreciate the difference.

I’m actually okay with that. If every DC movie were a stand-alone story with no connection to the other movies’ continuity, I would prefer that. It makes perfect sense that Tim Burton’s Batman, Suicide Squad and the recent Joker are all different takes on the same source material.

I’ve been amazed at the years-long campaign for a Snyder cut because the above is a pretty typical comment about his work. Most people were upset with joyless Man of Steel and BvS is pretty much people grousing about the Martha scene, so what are people expecting to improve?

Snyder’s work is very strong on visuals, weak on directing actors and apathetic about story. Given that, pretty much everything positive he could contribute was already on the screen in the first version.

I never saw the theatrical release of Justice League, but after the years-long Facebook campaign I am somewhat intrigued to see what Justice League: Snyder Cut looks like.

I think if Joss Whedon had been given the project from the start he would have delivered a movie that was a ton of fun. Maybe the movie Snyder would have made would be coherent, but by all accounts the collaboration delivered a big mess.

Generally I think that Snyder’s vision is much more suitable for WATCHMEN than for the DC Universe, and I thought that was born out in Batman v. Superman, which I did see. There were some ideas I liked–the idea that Lex Luthor and Batman are very similar in background but take opposite approaches has a lot of potential–but Snyder sucks the **fun **out of funny books.

I fucking loathe Snyder’s “vision” and consider him to be a talentless hack, so I’m all for the release of his cut. The more people see of it, the more they will hate it.

I agree that Snyder hasn’t done well with a long term story.

MoS: Weak beginning. I didn’t think Pa Kent’s death was handled well and no way my dad could have convinced me not to save him. Further, Zod and the others adapted too quickly to the atmosphere, which would have allowed Superman to save people and stop the destruction. As HISHE had, he should have consulted his dad, not some random priest, for his dilemma.

BvS: With my change in MoS, this doesn’t happen as shown because the reasons are completely gone. Further, Luther was apparently originally written as Joker, which makes a lot more sense in how the character of Luther acted. Joker probably could have forced the fight while trying to do something else. I would believe that.

JL: I like Joss Whedon but too much was already filmed to completely help this movie. I think JW would have been a better fit for handling the DC MU than Snyder. One of the things that made this weak for me was that you can’t establish how skilled a character is only to have them wiped out by someone bigger to show how badass the new character is. (The trope is the Worf Effect and it only serves to make the original bad ass character seem weaker and hurt their characterization.) Never worked for me and it just keeps upping things in bad ways. So, either fewer Amazons protecting it, or more bad guys coming through since we saw how good the Amazons were.

Really, as I type this out, I think that DC’s second mistake, after Snyder, was trying to “catch up” to where the MCU was in terms of group movies and that didn’t work. The Avengers only worked as well as it did due to the previous movies. DC needed to slow down and do individual movies as well.

However, MCU really nailed the tone of being able to be serious and funny and DC titles were so independent of each other for so long to do that well. Batman is supposed to be dark and brooding and tough to defeat evil. In contrast, Superman is a boy scout and happy and goofy.

Really, Shazam may have been the best DC effort, and maybe something could have been built on that.

Finally, side note, Joker is now my favorite DC origin story as I loved it.

I’ve enjoyed all of Snyder’s work. Looking forward to seeing this.

In my head, I heard this spoken in a thick Scottish burr.


It seems that ‘The Snyder Cut’ is going to have things added to it that could potentially lead to MoS 2 and JL2.

Like a wormhole to another universe where those movies will be produced?


That’s the thing about the DCEU - they’re pretty committed to making more movies, they’re just not all that determined to make good ones. I can see them making another Superman and Justice League, though I can’t see me going to a theater to catch them.

For some context I am the only person in the world who really enjoyed the existing Justice League movie and I would be interested in seeing this. You can see hints of what Snyder was trying to do and it seems interesting enough to see it through. Also whatever you think about him, the circumstances of him dropping the project were awful so he deserves a crack at finishing it.

His main crime was getting Superman very very VERY wrong but everything else about the movie works well from a character standpoint.

The real nightmare from all of this is the fact that there seems to be some momentum to release the ‘Ayer cut’ of Suicide Squad. There was NOTHING redeemable about that movie.

DC would be better off just making good stand alone movies.

Henry Cavill has cashed his check and clearly moved on, Ben Affleck appears to be done with everything, The Flash standalone movie has been in development hell so long it had to renew its visa, and production hasn’t even started on an Aquaman sequel. So, while I imagine DC films wil keep cranking out standalone sequels to Wonder Woman and Shazam, as well as more independent Batman movies because even Joel Schumacher couldn’t kill that franchise, the likelihood of seeing another Superman or Justice League movie in the same continuity is about the same as a sequel to Ghandi. Whether the The Suicide Squad quasi-reboot has traction remains to be seen despite James Gunn’s otherwise pretty solid record; it could work as a standalone property but doesn’t really mesh well with the remaining DCEU properties, so it really depends on how adamant the studio is about trying to tie it into everything else.


So has anybody watched this yet? Rotten Tomatoes has it at about 75% with many saying it was improved but maybe not worth the wait.
I don’t have HBO Max so will be missing it for now.

I got thru 30 minutes of it - felt like I had been watching it for about 3 years - turned it off.

Slow, dark - not fun - and the new CGI looks like 2nd grade crayon class went home early.

I seriously doubt I will put any further effort into it - but if I do its gonna take ALOT of caffeine - like straight lining it.

Oh, thank Highfather! I was so jealous of everyone who has HBOMax, and was trying to figure out a way to pirate a copy, and I’m so relieved that it’s not that great… now I can relax, and get along without it.

Although, given MoƒS and BvsS, I’d be shocked if it actually had personality.

As someone upthread said:
Snyder sucks the fun out of funny books .

Well, so I just watched this, never having seen the original. It was bad, but actually not as bad as I expected, so 5/10 for me.

Still, some things left me scratching my head, no doubt about it.