Zelda virgin here - Which "Ocarina of Time" port should I play?

I’ve seen and read numerous raves along the lines of “Ocarina of Time” is not only the best Zelda game, but one of the best video games of all time. The consensus seems to be that although the graphics are dated by 2012 standards, everything else has held up surprisingly well. My kids have been playing “Spirit Tracks” and the series looks intriguing.
But… I see at least 3 versions I could play.
I rule out the original N64 version, since I don’t have a N64, and don’t really want one since it’s not 1998 anymore.
But it looks like there is

  1. A Gamecube port, which I can probably find used and play on either the Wii or the Gamecube
  2. A Virtual console port available on the Wii
  3. A 3DS port, which is the newest version, but would I be losing anything by moving from console to handheld?

Anyone played one or more of these? Anything I should be aware of?

Either 1 or 2. Probably 2.

Pshht, back in my day we had to grow an extra hand just to play Zelda and other N64 games. 3DS is cheating.

Does #3 have improved graphics? #1 may look bad if you have an HD TV, but you should be able to adjust some settings. I’d imagine that #2 is the easiest to obtain. I remember when #1 came out it was a preorder bonus or something, implying limited supplies?

The GameCube port is part of the Zelda Collector’s Edtion. It was a very limited printing and is SUPER hard to find nowadays.

The Wii Virtual Console version isn’t a port, it’s an emulated version of the original N64 game. So it’s exactly the same. It’s also the version you want.

The 3DS version is great, but it’s not the original, and if you really want to play the game that everyone thinks is the greatest ever, get the original. Which is the Wii Virtual Console version.

This. I recommend getting a classic controller for this as well, as I believe this will work slightly better than the Wiimote + nunchuck.

While number 2 isn’t a bad option, if you like portable gaming, 3 might be the way to go. To make an informed choice, here is a list of changes in the 3DS version: http://www.ign.com/wikis/the-legend-of-zelda-ocarina-of-time-3d/3DS_Version_Differences

The boss battle mode alone would make me tempted to get the 3DS version honestly.

I would personally get the 3DS version… but you really can’t go wrong here. Make sure to update us and tell us how you like the game!

We have the Collectors Edition GameCube port. It’s progressive scan capable, so if you can play it on the Wii, it will look better on an HDTV than on the GameCube*. The graphics are significantly better with progressive scan than without. Does anyone know how the Virtual Console version compares on this point?

  • IIRC, there’s something about progressive scan on the GameCube that makes it hard to do. Either the cables are hard to find, or not all GameCubes support it, or something. Or maybe I’m completely wrong here. Someone who knows what they’re talking about can chime in on this.

This is my favorite game of all time, and the 3DS version is absolutely the one you should be playing. They didn’t change anything substantive except making the graphics beautiful.

It would be easy for me to be a purist since I played the hell out of it in 1998, but no honestly the remake modernizes it just enough to be the definitive version.

I got the Wii downloadable version a while back. While it is the same as the N64 version it can be hard on the eyes playing on a large HDTV.

2 3 1

23 is number 1!

Yeah, playing the Master Quest version confused my poor brain.

I haven’t played the Wii Virtual Console version for comparison, but…

The GameCube version is very twitchy when it comes to aiming your bow and arrow or your slingshot in first-person mode. One small movement of your thumb and you’re waaaaaaaay to the left or right of what you’re trying to shoot at.

It’s playable, and you can eventually get used to it, but it’s deeply frustrating.

(The same problem exists whether you’re playing the disc that has Master Quest on it, or the four-pack with Zelda I, Zelda II and Majora’s Mask.)

If you do decide to go for the GameCube version, I’d get the four-pack. I’ve barely played Master Quest, but I love me some Majora’s Mask. (But it also has the aiming problem).

Oh yeah - having to use the C-stick on the GC as opposed to C-buttons on the N64 is really, really annoying.

Hmm, your mileage may vary on that; I got used to it after awhile, and you can use alternate buttons for your items. But a trained dolphin could shoot straighter than Link’s bow-and-arrow on the GameCube port.

I only played the original N64 version, but I doubt any of those ports that call themselves OOT would be too different, so if you have problems finding the most recommended version, I think it’ll be fine.

I will have to recommend Master Quest once you’ve finished the regular version. Possibly the best present my brother’s ever given me. It was harder to the point that even thinking about it makes me laugh. The best as getting killed by a knight-type enemy, being brought back by a fairy, and immediately getting hit again before I could even move. I <3 Master Quest :slight_smile:

You should probably skip the foreplay and just get Link to the Past.

C’mon Melon, don’t you know that all the cool kids who never play any of those newfangled games because of how oldschool and hip they are now consider the N64 a classic system? The SNES and N64 to them are what the SNES and NES are to our generation. Just a reminder, because I don’t wanna see you get left behind on criticizing things and looking cool.

If you have a problem with my post, take it out on my character in your RPG that I’m waiting to be updated :cool:

On a related note, you should pick up Twilight Princess and Wind Waker as well (even if the constant sailing in Wind Waker does become a bit tedious). I haven’t yet played Skyward Sword, but I hear tell it’s awesome, too.

Nintendo has yet to go wrong with a Legend of Zelda title.

Whatever you decide (and I do hope it’s the superior 3DS version) I sure would like to hear your impressions. I think it’s the greatest game of all time but I’m interested in how it is received going in fresh in 2012, being a complete Zelda virgin makes it even more interesting.

Well, yes, it will work better…in thazt working at all is better than NOT working. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can’t play any virtual console games (other than NES games) with a Wiimote. SNES, N64, and the few Sega games require some form of the Classic Controller, or a Gamecube controller.

Unless they’ve changed things recently…I’ve barely touched my Wii in the past year…I did just finish the last PS3 games I’ve wanted to play, though, so now maybe I can actually start Skyward Sword…I’ve had the damn thing since X-Mas.

IIRC, the cable required (component video cable, as opposed to the composite cable it shipped with) was hard to find. Since most games didn’t support it, most people didn’t buy the cable, and stores stopped stocking it, and Nintendo stopped making it. Eventually, Nintendo even stopped including the second AV-out port on the GameCube so even if you wanted, you couldn’t get it to do progressive.

But IF you have an older GC, and IF you have the right cables, you enable it by holding “B” as you start up the system.