Zero7's new video is out!

First off, “Zero 7” does not a good search term make, so if this is the fourth thread on Zero7’s new single/video, d’oh!

Anyway, I was listening to the Chill Side of the Mountain (KMTT 103.7 here in the Seattle area), and I heard Zero7’s “Passing Time,” which was of course most excellent. At the end of that, I suddenly remembered, their new single came out Monday! And not only that, they released the video too!

So, the song is “In Time,” and has to be Zero7’s best piece of work (just ahead of “Destiny”). I already knew this, since I have both their albums. But the video, on the other hand, blew my socks off entirely! No fancy production, great acting, or big stars or anything, but it fit perfectly with the song.

You all must watch!

Zero 7’s homepage:
Link to streaming videos (both Windows and Real) on

Background: Zero7 is a group from UK that makes wonderfully laid back music (somewhat akin to Radiohead, so I’ve heard, but more chill). I fell in love with their music after hearing “Destiny” on Radio Paradise, and somehow ended up checking out their website a few weeks before they were scheduled to play in Seattle. I got tickets, and would have to say it was the best concert I’ve been too (though I haven’t been to very many concerts).

Anyway, I just had to share this group with everyone here!