Your comment here is a blatant insult to me, out of nowhere.

I have known Lib for years. He has been kind to me, out of friendship. I will stand up for him, also out of friendship.

I do not know you from Adam. After that introduction, I sincerely hope it remains that way.

How is a post in reply to someone else an insult to you?

I think it’s actually the post a little below where Zhen’ka says that the only reason Polycarp says good thinks about Liberal is because he pays him. That is certainly an insult in my book.

I think it is down a few:

Why exactly do people care so much about whether or Lib is of Cherokee descent or not, or even if he confabulates or at least inflates here and there? I honestly do not get it. Mildly annoyed I can see, but the passion these haters have is incomprehensible.

I’m going to guess that Polycarp meant to link to this post a few posts down.

That’s correct – and both Colibri’s and my links claim to be pointing to post #27 but when clicked on display a post slightly earlier in the thread.

OK, carry on.

Not sure how that happened. I edited my post just above so it now links to the correct post.

Now that’s really uncalled for, from anywhere else but the Pit (even in the Pit, saying that is worse than calling someone a liar). I guess the pittee deserves this holy smite.

And for crying out loud … saying that about Polycarp?! I don’t think there’s anybody on the board with a better reputation for integry than Polycarp.

I went ahead and reported that post. There’s no call for trolling like that. Since **Zhen’ka **couldn’t attack Liberal, s/he decided to attack you.

Of course, I’m biased a bit too for Liberal, as he has “acted in friendship” for me, too. If you’re interested, you can figure out exactly what I mean, but I don’t want to taint it with recognition.

Agreed that that post was, like several others in that thread, unnecessarily obnoxious. Unnecessarily and counterproductively, if you’re annoyed at Lib for his behavior.

For what it’s worth, I totally changed my opinion of Liberal after seeing what he did for you, Poly.

In any case, Zhenk’a’s comment was totally, ridiculously below the belt. I hope he’s ashamed.

Wait. When did Lib do the thing for Poly? I’m just wondering if this guy is a returning someone or other with old grievances. I’m remembering… something, but I don’t remember what I’m remembering, if you follow. I just remember someone who’d use to pop by and drag up stuff from like 2000 to smack people with.

Liberal started the thread about the troubles that Poly and Skulldigger were having, which led to the collection of money from us to help them out. That’s probably what Zhen’ka was referring to as “paying” him, which is not only an incredible bit of either misunderstanding or complete flat-out lying, but is really stupid as well.
*Yes, Lib wasn’t the one who actually collected the money, but he was the one who brought it to our attention. Also, he offered them a place to live with his own family, which was unfortunately too far from Skulldigger’s work for them to accept.

Wow, what a shitty thing for Zhen’ka to say about someone who has always gone out of his way to be nice to other people. Classy.

And good for you for starting a Pit thread, Polycarp, instead of just letting the insult stand unchallenged or going to the mods.

Haa! Giraffe, you are really excited about getting some action in the pit. Me too. Me too.

I’ve always been pretty firmly on the side that sees Liberal as an annoying, if ultimately harmless, irritating little twat, but the incredible displays of blatant assholishness that have been popping up since his return are disgusting, no matter who they’re aimed at, and they’re making the SDMB a worse place.

^^ Be that as it may, that thread was not the proper venue for Zhen’ka’s post.

Maybe pseudotriton ruber ruber will step into the linked thread and vouch for Lib’s heritage. :rolleyes:

Seriously, Zhen’ka WTF is wrong with you? That was just whack.