"…so it’s “Gab-al-DOAN,” I tell Mrs R. “I did like I promised, and posted a thread on The Straight Dope, and the consensus was that that’s how it’s pronounced.”

“I never asked you to post a thread,” she says.

“You did so,” I reply indignantly, “You said ‘Please, please, post a thread on the Dope so you can enlighten me.’” A pause; might as well tease her a little. “Of course, that’s how you can tell I’m lying; I have you saying ‘please’.”

I look over. She’s grinning and has a twinkle in her eye as she responds: “Not to mention, your story has me asking you for enlightenment.”


The hell is a gab-al-doan?

Are you talking about the author: Diana Gabaldon? If so, here is a fun website that we librarians sometimes use - http://www.teachingbooks.net/pronunciations.cgi

Pick an author, and you will get a short recording of the author him/herself pronouncing their last name. I never knew how to correctly say Scieszka until coming across this.

Ha! What a great site! (But no listing for Diana G :frowning: )

In the recent news about the iPhone that the FBI wants Apple to crack, the name Jonathan Zdziarski has turned up here and there. How in the English-speaking world does one pronounce that?

From iPhone Forensics White Paper - Zdziarski technique:

It’s short, but I always liked thispronunciation thread.

It’s pronounced “Smith”. The z’s are silent.