2 tech qs- IE images and Win 98 icons

Hi, hope it is ok to ask a bandwidth-friendly double question. I tried to make a generic, brief title to help anyone with a search, too.

Q1 – Every once in a while, IE 5.5 SP2 stops automatically loading images. I get the small red X image icon, an empty frame and whatever text the site chooses to post. This is for every image (buttons, arrows, graphical links…) unless it is already in my cache. However, if I click a link on the page, then hit the Back button, the page loads up fine, images and all.

I wish I could find a pattern to when it is happening, but one has yet to emerge. The only thing I remain suspicious of, is when I run Netscape simultaneously with IE. I’m on a DSL connection (and a D-Link home network if that makes a difference.) and whenever I open up Netscape I have to go to Tools-Options-Connections in IE and recheck ‘never dial a connection’. But the image problem has occurred even after I’ve shut down Netscape, continued to work fine with IE, restarted, then some time later it happens again. Ugh.

I am running Webwasher (though not always, and I’m pretty sure it has happened when WW was not run at all) Norton Utilities and Zone Alarm in the background, but given the intermittent nature of the problem, I haven’t been able to trace it to one of them. I’ve run all the Norton programs that I have, AdAware, Regclean, and none has found any problems. Any thoughts as to what to try next?

Q2 - The second problem has to do with Windows icons. Every once in a while, it seems that some of my icons switch around. For example, right now my MS Excel icon is the WebWasher icon. The WebWasher is the small generic computer icon. No rhyme or reason (that I can tell) for the difference, and they occasionally switch back to what they are supposed to be. I don’t know how long that takes, since it seems to survive restarts, and I eventually don’t notice when things are back. The icon change is visible on the desktop, in the quick-launch toolbar, in the regular win explorer window, wherever icons are likely to show up. Again, I’ve run a host of diagnostics and everything comes up clean. I haven’t found anything that triggers it. Any more thoughts?
I hope someone has a small bit of sanity out there. Has anyone else had this happen?



It be sounding like you have a virus. ARRRRRRRR.

Try going to www.antivirus.com go to free tools along the red bar close to the top. I think you can go from there. You do not have to register. This has caught viruses that norton has not. If it locks up while you are installing it, it means you have a virus. What I do is just FDISK my computer and call it a Do Over.

Some time the red Xs on your browser means that the photo has been removed from the web-site

For the icon question, use Tweak UI (look around for it if you don’t already have it), go to the Repair tab, and “Rebuild Icons.” It’ll flush your icon cache.

I went to antivirus.com and everything checked out OK. Since you said it found things that Norton’s didn’t, I put a link to it on my home page for future use.

I had forgotten that Tweak had a repair tab – ran it and all my Icons are back to their jolly ol’ selves. Thanks!

Now, anyone have an idea why IE stops loading images? The images are definitely still on the page, since I can see them the first time if I take the time to bring up Netscape alongside IE. Also, if I click any link then use ‘back’ , they all show up. That doesn’t happen if I refresh (or shift-refresh), only when I’ve clicked a link off of it and returned. And it is not just pictures, but any and all non-cached graphics. Thanks.