2006 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Fantasy Bracket

Join Here.

Group ID# 17753
Group Name SDMB NCAA Tournament
Group Password cecil
Selection Sunday is next weekend. Avoid the rush.

“The deadline for submitting your final picks is five minutes before the first game tips off on Thursday, March 16.”

It doesn’t say if there’s a cutoff to join or not. I would guess if you join 10 minutes before the first game on 3/16, and can enter an entire bracket of picks in 4 minutes, you’re good to go.

I’m in.

In and ready to go.

This sounds like fun!

If I sign up before selection sunday I’ll forget about this. Here’s to hoping the thread gets back on the front page then.

Three more days.

Bumping again, in advance of the Selection Show later on this afternoon.

I’m in. (team name “Ridiculous Prop,” for reasons which are unlikely to become clear anytime soon)

I’m in. Hmm, looks like I need a more creative team name…

I’m in and (preliminary) filled out my bracket. Plenty of time to change it. Or to spite you all!

I’m in. WVU will be in the final game, three Big East teams will make it to the Final Four. Count on it!

Unfortunately Louisville won’t be one of those teams. :frowning:

Thank God for small favors, I suppose. :smiley:

Go Big Blue!

I’m in, thanks!

East Side Gnomes = Big Cheese

Should be interesting, I saw like 5 games all year. Memphis is a #1??

My picks are in…but I don’t like 'em!

Have you seen Memphis this year? 30-3. They’ve beaten two #2 seeds (Tennessee and UCLA), #3 Gonzaga, and several other lower seeded teams.

They lost a very close game to Duke (1 seed) and played well in a tough loss to Texas (a 2 seed).

Anyway, I’m in!

Who’s playing for second?

While I’m here. . .can someone step me through getting my fantasy sports onto my yahoo page?

I have a “Fantasy Sports” heading, and under it, it says, “You currently have no active teams. <Add teams here.>” Which is a link.

If I click that link, it lists the fantasy things I’m in “NASCAR” and This tournament, but there’s nothing on that page that says how to add them to my home page.

If I click on “edit” on the Fantasy Sports bar, it just lets me select news feeds, not actually add my teams to my home page.

I’m in, and I’ll be easy to find. :wink: