2009 Fall Cancellation Prediction thread

OK, so the Fall TV season has barely started. But already I don’t see Accidently On Purpose lasting. I give it 7 episodes.

What do you see failing this fall?

CBS has been on a roll lately, but The Good Wife is dead inside of 12 episodes. Margulies just can’t carry a series by herself (and lawyer dramas are played out).

Oddly enough, Accidentally On Purpose is a little stiff, but the acting is okay. That was true of Big Bang Theory too so I hope it survives. Of course I am hoping too see big brother Ben visiting little brother Jon.

Seven? Four max.

Honestly, I’d be very surprised if more than a handful of the new shows make it to next year. The commercials look pretty dreadful.

That said, I think Accidentally on Purpose will make it to double digits, but I don’t think it’ll finish a full season.

I also think the trio of new hospital shows, Trauma, Mercy and Three Rivers, will all die on the vine before the season is up.

And Fox already produced a full season of episodes of The Cleveland Show, but I can’t imagine how it could be any good.

I already saw the pilot for the Cleveland Show and it was really bad. I hope the writing gets better. As for Accidently On Purpose, well it has a time slot so all it does is have to hold the audience, there’s probably nothing much else to replace it with

“Accidentally on Purpose” will stay on for the same reason I watched it last night - the TV was on and I didn’t bother to change the station even though it was awful. It’s at 8:30, so people aren’t likely to switch into halfway through House, or Heroes, or One Tree Hill, or Dancing. It’ll benefit from the inertia of being right before one of the highest rated comedies on TV…it’ll last until at least January (but may get pulled for February sweeps).

ABC Wednesday night looks really bad. So does “Mercy.” One of those 5 will be the first cancels of the season.

I can see Defying Gravity being cancelled for sure. It seems it tried to combine the worst aspects of soap and scifi calling itself “Grey’s Anatomy in space.” In the end there wasn’t enough scifi for the scifi fans to enjoy, and the soap fans may not have found the setting that interesting. The story premise had some potential, but it took them 9 episodes to get anywhere remotely interesting. The ratings have been poor all around too, not to mention that the series was just all around terrible.

*Accidentally *is getting terrible, terrible reviews. So it probably will make it through the season. It’s the *Kath & Kim *of 2009.

Disagree – because a) she’s not carrying the show herself, she’s got Chris Noth, Christine Baranski, and Josh Charles helping with the heavy lifting, and b) lawyer dramas, like medical dramas, go through cycles (and have since the dawn of TV), and they’re due for a comeback.

Except none of that comes across from the advertising. From the commercials, the show looks terrible and begs the question, “how do you turn Elliott Spitzer’s… i mean Chris Noth’s cheated-on wife into an ongoing series?”

AoP will be lucky to last 3 episodes. That show reeked.

Cougartown won’t make it until the late local news…

Was Cougartown that bad? I didn’t get a chance to see it, but I liked Scrubs.

I do admit having a problem seeing Courtney Cox and Busy Phillips as cougars. Come on, they’re not that old are they?

There is NO WAY that Parks & Rec is going to last another season. Remember how Joey got renewed and NBC made a big “whoops what is that doing back?” and pulled it early into season 2? Same thing will happen here.

Glee is awesome (aside from all the singing) so of course it’ll get cancelled :frowning: However I’m also worried that Southland will share the same fate…

That whole ABC block of comedy sounds doomed already. And how in the hell is a series about Mrs Spitzer (the Good Wife) gonna stay fresh after more than 3 eps or so?

Courtney Cox is 45. Busy Phillips is 30. Not sure how old they are in the show, not planning on watching.

I think it starts tonight. I haven’t seen it, but I can’t imagine it’s going to be that good. I just wanted to be the first one to predict it’s demise and be looked upon as a genius going forward.

Still waiting for TNT or USA to pick up Life and let the series run it’s course like it should. :mad: Fuck you Jay Leno. :mad:

If I hadn’t already sat through two hours of TV last night (NCIS and NCIS:LA), I would have watched all of The Good Wife. It’s getting great reviews – Alan Sepinwall loves it, which is the only reason I watched. Margulies looks great – finally got those eyebrows trimmed and her hair is gorgeous. Loved the scene with the holdout juror. Love Christine Baranski.

So yeah, it’ll probably be cancelled.

Accidentally on Purpose can go. Jenna Elfman isn’t nearly as hot as she thinks she is.

I’m really curious to see if Leno survives the new time. I’m not a late-night watcher (used to watch Letterman when I was a younger man and could stay up that late), but I think that people want something different in prime-time than they do at 11 or midnight.

And it might be more accurate to say she isn’t as hot as she was. Back in the Dharma days, I would have followed her anywhere just to peek at her butt. But I agree that the show looks truly, utterly terrible.

Yes, she is and just based on that I think the show will make it the first season. It was horribly rocky out of the gate but so was Darma and Greg, not to mention I don’t think it’s against any half hour shows so it should at least keep the HIMYM people.

My pick is Cougar Town, I can’t imagine any audience except for middle aged women but then again Desperate Housewives did better then I ever imagined. I watched the new NCIS last night and it was bad, I think it will be the new CSI: Miami. Unfortunately, I don’t think that means it will be cancelled.