24 - Season 3, Episode 1, 1:00PM - 2:00PM (SPOILERS)

Just watched it. Woo-hoo! 24 is back! Some miscellaneous thoughts…

Kim’s new look… eh. haircut? liked it better last 2 seasons. Makeup? a little heavy. Disappointed in the lack of bounceage, but I’m sure it will be forthcoming in future episodes. :wink:

Squarejaw Partnerpants? Hmmm… he’s okay so far – but nothing spectacular. It’s going to take some getting used to, seeing Jack work with a partner – he was mostly a solo act in the first 2 seasons.

Palmer and new love interest? Well, I wonder if Sherry knows about her. heh heh – would love to see that stuff hitting the fan when she finds out!

Not sure I like the overly quick “wrap-up” of how not only David Palmer recovered, but how they apparently caught all the baddies responsible. The end of last season, they certainly made it look like they were setting up some specifics for season 3 – including baddies that were partially behind season 2’s events. But now we’re just kind of slipping past them. Hmph.

And it seems like it would be harder to work Nina into this one, since the bad guys don’t appear to be connected really to previous bad guys. So will she appear this season? Wonder wonder wonder…

What’s with anal-retentive systems guy? Somebody shoot him quick. And even though Jack was overly hard on his analyst girl, I still didn’t really like her. Partner was right – she is weird…

So is Ensign Ro still on the president’s staff? She wasn’t dead, just being taken to the hospital. Can’t we please please please find out what happened to her? She needs to be back.

Not yet unfortunately, but it woulda been hilarious if in that scene at the end, Jack said:

“Sorry honey, can’t talk right now, daddy’s shooting some junk.”

Well, it was set up well. Interesting. I am looking forward to a good season of 24!


Just when I was beginning to despair regarding this TV season. Finally something I can look foreward to.

Let’s see. First the couples:

Tony and Michelle - Yes
David and Anne - Yes
Kim and Whatshisname - Eh.

As you can see, I’m still now sure about the new guy. But I like the doctor and I don’t trust the D B Woodside character.

Right now the terrorist threat is in the hands of some poor teenager who’s just trying to help out his family by running drugs. I think it’s pretty clear that he’s not a criminal mastermind. He’s just a kid who has no where to go!

Wait a sec… :wink:

The line for the evening goes to David Palmer with:

“It’s just going to be another one of those days.”

After seeing the premiere, am I the only one concerned that the show will scale new melodramatic heights previously occupied only by soap operas?

Mind you, I’m so thoroughly hooked that I’ll be mindlessly glued to the tube next week, same time, same channel, no matter what.

I would have to say that that was a disappointing first hour.

Not up to the standards of the first two seasons.

And WTF with the Ford commercial. it was just bad. I did like the part when he said, “Do you like steak? We can send you some steaks.”

I hate Kim’s new 'do, but I suppose if it’s a choice between bad hair analyst and More of the Amazingly Stupid Misadventures of Dumb-Blonde, I’ll take the new Kim if we can’t have dead Kim.

BTW, if there’s a season four, what can kill more people that a virus? :confused:

I thought that was pretty cheap too, but the season is young and anything could happen in the next 23 hours. Could be that those people are somehow connected to the current situation and we may yet learn more about who they were, what they were up to and how they got taken down.

I just had a sudden inspiration:

Next season, Jack has just 24 hours to prevent a Chinese plot to send the Earth spinning into the sun by having their entire population jump up and down at the same time.

Season five?

Aliens. Or maybe zombies. Jack Bauer has just 24 hours to deafet the alien zombie invasion!

Huh, Ford refrained from putting their car in the show. Bravo. And the little “You like steaks? We’ll send you some steaks” bit made me laugh, which is good since I thought the rest of it was lame.

Now…on to our story!

24 Peyton Place! Where this year everyone gets some nookie! I mean really: the Prez and the Doc, Kim and Justin Timberlake, Tony and Michelle, Jack and Ka…oh…sorry about that Jack.

A flawed hero. That’s cool. I actually was hoping to see Jack give in and shoot up though. That would have been unusual for network TV. The hero with a drug problem.

Kim is a bitch this year, no? Go run or something.

I don’t care for Palmer’s brother. And jeez, is that a severe case of nepotism or what? Good to see Aaron back this year serving the prez.

So far, not the big opener like the past two years, but if that keeps it from dragging in the middle, I’m with them.


   Ensign Roe!!  That is it!!  Damn, I watched all 24 freakin' episodes of Season two in the last few weeks and kept thinking, "I know I have sene her....who IS she...I know her from somewhere."  Thanks for finally clearing that up.

    The season is still young.  I am sure that are going to fill in the gaps from the last three years.  They couldn't make it too soon after the last "day"....that would be too unbelievable. :)

    That Ford commercial was completely annoying.  

     You know you're not liked when even the USA Today critics are dissing you.  What's next?  A scathing article in People magazine.  Also, funny how the lead article in the Life section under the review of 24, complete with Kim jabs, is about Strippers today. 

      According to TV Guide, Episode Four is where the first huge shocker takes place, although no clues as to what that may be.  Also, Keifer was in favor of killing off Jack at the end of last season, so who knows what will happen to him this year.

IUHomer…ixnay on the advanced-ay eview-prays! Nothing discussed other than the current week and speculations to the future. Nothing from TV Guide or the “next week” previews at the end of the show.

Other than that, welcome to our group of 24nians.

I’m not so sure they have. They said “We caught the men responsible”. Mandy’s not a man! I think they caught who they think is responsible, but will find out later in the season that they weren’t even close. Perhaps some of the names that Salazar was going to name are those involved in season 2? Remember - they’ve only got six hours to release Salazar, so what happens beyond that is anybody’s guess. Of course, we all saw what happened after the bomb went off last season…

Greetings, all. I’m back after taking a hiatus from last year’s threads, since my schedule conflicted with 24’s second season. I watched all the episodes on DVD last month. (Netflix rules!)

Anyhoo, now I have a TiVo, so that problem is out of the way.

First, to remind everyone of the ground rules:

  1. KneadToKnow will start this thread each week, many hours before the episode airs, so we can have a centralized place to discuss things.

  2. No spoilers for the current week’s episode should be mentioned “in the open” until around 10:00PM eastern, when the first batch of people have seen the episode. West coasters and those in between should avoid the thread during that time.

  3. Anything in the next-week preview should be in spoiler boxes; many people don’t watch the previews.

That said, I am fairly pleased with this opener. At least there weren’t five thousand blonde women. I find Kim’s h4x0r sk1llz to be quite sexy. But they would be more sexy in a low-cut shirt.

I liked the Mexican drug lord plot better when it was called “Kingpin” and on NBC.

How about Michelle’s outfit? The first shot of her screamed “look at my boobs!” and then the legs…oh, the legs…

Batman, if he’s prepared?

[dodging hail of rotten vegetables]

Well, Mandy was just a hired minion – not really one of the head honchos. But we did see a few head honchos on the phone at the end of last season, saying “Let’s go to plan B”. Sounded like they were talking about having rounded those baddies up. I hope that we see some of them still out and about – I’d hate to think they just glossed over that bit, making it really not significant at all.

And when is Nina coming back? Honestly, some of the best moments last season were in the interplay between Jack and Nina.

Nina: “If I go in there, he’ll kill me, then he’ll turn the gun on himself.”
Jack: “Don’t worry, we’ll make sure he doesn’t turn the gun on himself…”

And BTW, Max Carnage, what happens in the previews for next week is…

[Monstre falls to the ground, hit simultaneously with a taser gun, a syringe of beroglide, and a dart tipped with paralysis poison shot by a lonely witch doctor who was aiming at Kim… ]

Ryan Chapelle and his Sceptre of Authority… oooh, sorry – not supposed to talk about next week’s previews… :smiley:

Actually, I have to say that I thought Anal Systems Boy was the one who was out of line, disobeying a direct order from Michelle. Kudos to Kim for standing up to the brat.

But how did she suddenly become a computer wiz in 3 years? Especially given that 3 years ago she couldn’t figure out how to pull her leg out of a wire trap that was meant to trap animals – you know, the creatures without opposable thumbs or rational thinking skills. (Remember, Bomb Shelter Guy was able to simply pull it loose with his hands…)

Let’s see… damn, I forgot to take notes, but then again, there were no commercials.

The Jack-bit-not-Jack in the Ford commercial was good for a laugh.

I think the Kim character will be a lot smarter this year… s’what I’ve heard. I certainly hope so. Course, then again, y’all will be on her bandwagon.

I wonder what Jack was about to shoot up.

I dig Michelle and Tony, but hopefully with Kim and the new guy, and Palmer and the doc, it won’t become a big shmooch fest.

The plot itself… way too early to judge.

Hrm… more to come, I’m sure…