30 Rock: 10/4 - "Seinfeldvision"

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I thought this was a pretty funny episode. A few of the Seinfeld bits seemed off, but I heard he had a tough time no flubbing his lines and since it’s just good to see him on television again (though I’d prefer to see him on Lost), I’ll give that all a pass.

Some of my favorite bits:

Tracy sees Liz in wedding dress and asks if she’s going to a Korean funeral.

Jenna’s size after a summer appearing in “Mystic Pizza: the Musical.”

Jack’s comment that Jenna had to lose 30 pounds, or gain 60. No place on television for in between.

The tabloid captioning Tracy’s tranny hooker as his wife, and saying that she looked better than she did at the Grammy’s.

I love this show

I thought it was a hilarious episode. I liked that when Liz cried and talked at the same time, she sounded like Seinfeld.

“Are you doing me?!!”

Liz was just beautiful in that dress. It made me sigh, even though they were using it for comedy.

I continue to be perplexed and infuriated by Tina Fey’s apparent inability to produce an episode that doesn’t make a “tranny” joke.

I watched the first couple of episodes, and watched this last night because Seinfeld was on it.

I still find Tracy Morgan annoying to the point that I won’t watch any more of it.

I had never watched it before, watched it because I had 20 min, and my Tivo decided to record it as a suggestion, and because Seinfeld was on it.

It was pretty good, better than I expected. However, are most episodes so focused on the insecurites of the Tina Fey character? That got kinda old.

“Jerry, you can’t buy NBC. Like you’ve really got $4 million just laying around.”

Funniest show on TV right now. I hope Alec Baldwin sticks around.

I didn’t get that, it doesn’t make sense. Was it supposed to be some joke that NBC is so worthless that it’s only worth 4 million dollars? That’s way over the top and implausible. Did he say billion maybe?

I liked “MILF Island.”

I thought he said million also.

They poke a lot of fun at NBC on that show. There’s a great bit last season where Jack is detailing the corporate structure of GE and it ends up that NBC is a subsidiary of some wig company.

No, you got the joke the first time - it was a cut at NBC.

Of course it’s over the top and implausible. It’s a comedy.

He really said million, and it really was a jab at NBC’s recent disastrous prime time seasons. The exact number is probably some sort of inside joke.

Jerry Seinfeld cannot act. Not for the fleetingest fraction of a second. He destroyed every minute of the show he was on.

The rest was good. And Seinfeld won’t be back. The future is bright.

ETA: Obviously I don’t like Seinfeld. But did anybody find the promos for Bee Movie funny? The one last night and the trailer I saw in the theater just lay there and did nothing funny.

I thought he must have said 4 hundred million, but even that seemed low.

Letterman did the NBC bashing better. :smiley:

I watched for the first time since the premiere (since NBC continues to shoot itself in the foot and run one-hour episodes of The Office against CSI). Seinfeld was not a draw for me – I don’t mind him in standup, but I can’t stand his show.

In any case, I didn’t laugh once. Oh, there were mildly amusing moments, but nothing that made me laugh out loud. Everyone tried so hard to be “wacky” that they didn’t bother to be funny. The digs at the network (yes, I got it) might be funnier if The Simpsons haven’t been doing it for 16 years.

With The Office and My Name is Earl, there are plenty of things that make me laugh out loud. 30 Rock had nothing, and had the feel of being tired and routine. It reminded me of a comment by Leonard Maltin about a Harry Langdon film: It sounds funny, but it doesn’t play funny.

I thought it was funny, too. “Did a korean person die?”

The 30 pounds/60 pounds line was great.

“Like you’ve just got 4 million lying around” was a dig at NBC and and expression of Jack’s cluelessness since Jerry’s probably worth about $100M.

I liked the jokes about the country in europe that only the superrich know about. Jack, “Is it sangovia?”

I don’t find her attractive in the least. She has a bird-like face. She’s way too skinny. Very little sexuality. She’s too insecure to have any sex appeal.

She’s neurotic, and whoever wrote in a previous thread that they find it unbelievable she couldn’t get a date. . .well, she does date, and I wouldn’t’ find that unbelievable at all.

Loved it. I thought Jerry was good/not great, but he had some funny lines. Especially asking if he could be in Lost (“Is that you guys?”) and mentioning his vacation in a country that only rich people know about.

Almost too true to be funny.

Seinfeld got $225 million from the syndication rights to his show and made another $60 million last year in royalties alone. He has to be close to a billionaire.

The country only rich people know about was the best line of the night.

Tina Fey is an attractive normal person. Her character, as someone in show business, spends every day with unbelievably hot women who are constantly being hit on, fawned over, and worshiped by men walking into walls while staring at them. Her character has a secretary who is one of these superbeings and calls her the “something old” for her wedding. Her character, as a women in the highest end of the corporate world, spends every day surrounded by super chic, expensively dressed and groomed corporate climbers, who are versed in every area of the world that she’s not. Her character, as part of her job, has to go to the chicest and trendiest spots in NYC and Hollywood where she is a nothing in style and beauty. Any normal human being would be neurotic and insecure in her position. That’s probably the most accurate part of the entire show.

A good-not-great episode. And while I agree generally with Exapno Mapcase that Seinfeld can’t act, I think there were plenty of moments where his bad acting hit the perfect note, e.g. when he was “Gumped” into “Law & Order: CI” and “Deal or No Deal.”

Other bits of fun:

“I’ll have to spread this over several cards.”

“Vertical lines–slimming!”

After Tracy mentions the three way with Elaine Boozler, Jerry’s “I don’t think that was me” was priceless, the kind of bemused reaction he did so well on his own series. The only thing more bafflingly funny was Tracy’s follow-up “Oh no, that was a mirror.”

The best part about Seinfeld is that he can’t act! My husband and I were doing Seinfeld bad acting impressions throughout this episode. And we guffawed at Tina Fey’s crying sounding like him and his bad acting.

I’ve been seeing trailers in the theater for what seems like a couple of years, but I have yet to laugh at anything in any of them. And I like Seinfeld.

Looks hilarious to me.

The show’s made-up corporate structure of NBC and its apparent worthlessness is one of my favorite elements of the show.

So, who here would have watched MILF Island? Or Are You Stronger Than a Dog?