7 Jan 2021 and beyond - the aftermath of the storming of the Capitol

His body was found and called in by his wife.

It occurs to me that this could be a way for some women to get rid of their useless asshole husbands.

“Yes, officer, I came home and found that my husband had stabbed himself in both eyes with my stiletto heels and shoved my hot curling iron up his ass.” (wipes tear) “Also, here are the passwords to all his social media and cloud storage accounts. Bye.”

Someone needs to write that book. What’s the title going to be?

Trumped to Death

Kind of works on both levels.

May he be assigned to an eternity of public service, as prophesized by Beetlejuice.

Makes me sad to see anyone pushed to suicide. You know something was not going right in his life to begin with. This was just the tipping point I guess.

And his poor wife.

Yeah, look, I get that some people are in denial and don’t want to accept it. I wasn’t trying to say that all registered Republicans are evil, but they are supporting evil if they are still registered and voting Republican, and there’s no excuse not to know that now. In reality, there hasn’t been for a while.

People have an ability to compartmentalize certain things, which can be dangerous. “I came for the tax cuts” should be the meme of the Republican party, because it sums up much of the thinking. “Hey, I just joined because I wanted more money in my pocket - what’s wrong with that?” Nothing – until you support a party that is actively involved in trying to nullify the will of tens of millions of voters.

The Republican party represents the kind of majoritarian political party that you’d find in Poland or Hungary right now, not something you’d find in Canada or Western Europe.

They need more evidence, but I suspect they got him. Looking at video, they may not have enough evidence yet to definitively tie him to the crime. Now that he’s in their custody, they’ll probably gather a treasure trove of digital evidence to pinpoint his exact location at the time of the incident. They may also need to determine if it’s “murder” or “manslaughter” or an equivalent under the law.

My hunch is that this guy is fucking fucked.

If it is him, I’ll wager it will be a murder 1 charge, and the prosecutor will seek the death penalty.

I have no idea what you are getting at here.

Republicans are trying to paint Democrats as Fred McMurrays who used the President’s failings as a political tool instead of giving him the support he needed to overcome those failings.

The GOP did no such thing. Yes, they yelled and screamed and turned blue, so yeah, the iRS pulled back some but the iRS doesnt take orders from the GOP.

I’m not following this statement. If the IRS “pulled back some” because the GOP “yelled and screamed and turned blue”, how is that not taking orders from the GOP? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

There is no agency or bureaucracy that is completely immune to political agency. I don’t think Ann_Hedonia was suggesting that McConnell or Trump had IRS agents on speed dial and phoned them up, but let’s not pretend that Trump, with some nudging from others, influence the IRS.

If a customer comes into your store and makes a scene, even tho he is wrong, and you manager throws him a bone, are you taking orders from that customer? or just throwing him a bone to make him go away?

The issue was- the IRS was short on staff, so picked “Non-profits” with suspicious and right wing names to audit first.

So, they just went back to their regular way of picking which NPs to audit.

Influence? Yes. But trump cant order the IRS to, for example- audit someone or give him confidential tax return information. Nixon tried that and the IRS said no.

The IRS, in its day to day activities, is above politics. Of course Congress can pass new Tax law which is highly political in nature, but they have to pass a law.

He’d be ok, he would need to be an extremely good shot to blow his brain out

I await your upcoming bestseller eagerly.

In The Caine Mutiny, Queeg should never have been put in a position of command in the future place. Likewise, Trump should never have gotten near the presidency.

Trump has been working towards the 6th and the 20th (or whatever days in the future could happen) for years:

The Latest: Man photographed with Confederate flag arrested

This takes idiocy to a new level, assuming this happened at work. I would understand bragging immediately after the event but after seeing the outcry don’t you think you should lay low?