99 SHOCKING Sequential Threads

** The best (and worst) pick up lines :wink:
Same sex marriage legal in Iowa **

Pick-up lines that work for you
What’s it like having a parent in jail?

99 SHOCKING Sequential Threads
It’s team building Sequential Threads!

I don’t know what to make of this one.

Russia Announces Plans for Permanent Moonbase
Oh Good Lord… (Loony Tenant)

**Devices that claim to improve gas mileage
Chemical process to extract hydrogen - finally a viable alternative to gasoline?
Dead car batteries: any way to tell if they are emitting too much hydrogen?
Car Insurance question
Selling a car that doesn’t run

Suppose I wanted to get rid of somebody…
Does a snowball rolled downhill really get bigger and bigger?
Secret nuclear explosions
Are there dangers in being upside down?
water buoyancy
Recipe for Dirt
Coffee grounds down the drain …
If Cheney dies, does Bush have to name a new veep,
Who was the last person to die in the White House?
How does your brain choose what to recall ?**

**What do 3-d images look like?
‘Pear-Shaped’… **

Ask the Former Restroom-Sex Afficionado (in light of the Sen. Craig scandal)
What Have You Done to Earn Some Extra Money?

An icky in Great Debates:

** it better to die or live in misery, rather than do something icky?
Rape Babies deserve to die? **

Let’s play flag count (as in sexual)
Genetic transfer between bacteria and higher life forms

**Genetic Transfer Between Bacteria & Higher Life Forms. Major Impact On Genetics?

Some strange dude hit on me at the isolated recycle center**

**What’s the cruelest practical joke you’ve heard of?
Job-hunting companies where YOU pay?

**Ask the Former Restroom-Sex Afficionado (in light of the Sen. Craig scandal)
Studs pulled out of particle board

** Buuuuurrrrrrrnnnniiiiiiiigggggg Mmmmmaaaaaannnnn!!!
Nice little earthquake we just had in Orange County…


SDMB Weight Loss Club, September
I am so hungry

**Job-hunting companies where YOU pay?
Ever seen a business that was probably a front for illegal activity?

** Found Jesus On A Roll Of Toilet Paper In A Casino Men’s Room
Steve Fossett missing **

…but Jesus is found

What’s the cruelest practical joke you’ve heard of?
You just won your dream car! Taxes paid and everything! What kind of car is it?

**That’s it; I am officially a Batty Old Woman
Study finds that men want hot women

Steve Fossett missing
The vital role of the goat in aircraft maintenace