Sequential Threads Jan 26

How did the word “Bitch” come to be associated with…
High sulfur steel

Your very first post in a new Sequential Thread thread, and you waste it repeating the same pair I posted in #479 of the last one?

** “I hope you’re not one of those guys…”

Thinking Gillian Anderson doesn’t look like Scully any more = sexism? **

Yeah. I hate those guys.

What’s the least repulsive crime I could commit that would guarantee me life imprisonment?

Women’s underwear - what’s the little pocket for?

Best Battleship Type
Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris battleship once sunk the ocean!

When the boss is away…
How often do you sleep in?

Sleep in? Why even go in to work?

Sounds so nice had to say it twice.

I got tired of going through that thread. Post 479! No wonder I missed it!

The De-Clutter and Clean Up Support Thread
Positive Gun News of the Day

Okay, okay! I’ll clean up. Geez.

2016 Bernie Sanders (D-VT) campaign for POTUS thread
Pretend you are voting Republican (anonymously)

I don’t think that will work for Bernie.

A new breakfast delight
Real Time with Bill Maher

A bit strong for my morning tastes. I’ll stay with cereal and juice.

**I’m giving you 500 dollars. However, you must spend it immediately. What do you do with it?
Most addictive street drugs? **

I missed out on posting here yesterday, so I guess I should wait for Sequential Threads Jan 27. :frowning:

I’m a fan of JohnnyLA’s idea.

Though I’d for for page limit rather than time. When this one hits three pages, someone can start a new one.

Ladies, would you be offended if… (masturbation thread)

Does this count as cheating on my wife?

We knew it was coming - Google Classic Maps is gone
What’s the farthest you’ve been from your clothes ?

I couldn’t tell you without the Classic Maps!

Why didn’t you go to your 10 yr h.s. reunion?
I am an alcoholic

Why doesn’t the sun twinkle?
Gravity in the solar system

Uhm, would you be more specific please?

** The Next Big Science Fiction Movie Should Be…

Abe Vigoda, RIP **

Science brought him back…Now he’ll never die again!

Separated by two:

** What does the US ambassador to Fiji do all day?

Weaving **

**You Know You’re Getting Old When…
Mazda stops making Wankels
Nowadays, Mazda only has the urge to make Wankels once a week or less.

**I am an alcoholic
Any Uber/Lyft drivers here? **

'Cause I’m really in no condition to drive.

**Mazda stops making Wankels
Suicide by masturbation **

Shouldn’t the first one be “Wankers”?