A Because I Know How Much My Life Fascinates Y'all MMP

I live such an excitatin’ life! Really. Why sometimes, it exhauses me to even think about it! I know y’all are just jealous of me. Really though, don’t hate me because I know how to live it up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s my excitatin’ Monday as but one example of the whirlwind, madcap existence I live:

Today (we’re pretendin’ I’m postin’ this Monday mornin’ eastern time in Amurrka, ok?) I shall…

A. Get the oil changed in ‘Stang
2. Go to the grocery store
I. Mow ol’ y’all know who’s yahd cause I know it needs it and won’t take me thirty minutes to do.
i. Grill burgers and make fries for dindin. Or heatup leftovers from Sunday lunch. The jury’s still out on this
5. Do some laundry
a). Work in a nap

How can you stand to do this swampy, you say? How do you manage to keep up such a fast pace lifestyle and still look so good, you say?

Well, it’s all the clean livin’ I do, I say. :smiley:

Ok childrens, hijack away!

Hey hey! I haven’t even bothered to try to get in on one of these because they are so long by the time I see them that I never have time to read them - so Hi, y’all! (Sorry, seem to have been infected by Swampbear’s accent)

Sounds like a nifty day. I’ll work at a job I hate for 8 hours, try to sort out incureance problems and doctor’s visits, and fret alot. Hopefully, I’ll then play with the dogs and snuggle JustThinkin’. Can I just skip the work stuff>

On Monday I’ll prepare two lunches and then make 5 major decisions by 4 p.m. that shouldn’t have to have been made quite so fast. But apparently I get to be a responsible adult whether I like it or not.:dubious:

I’m working a 14 hour day Monday, so I can take off early on Friday and go to Opening Night for hockey.:smiley:

-dogbutler: responsible? yes. Adult? maybe.

Welcome, Fetchund!

I am working today (Monday)* downtown in my library. #1 and #2 son have the day off school due to PC-ness (I swear they are more out than in due to all holidays. I say make 'em go on Christmas! Yes, Ebenezer was an ancestor).
In other news: #1 son is going to Homecoming! With a really sweet girl whom I like a lot. She’s smart (wants to go to Uni of Chicago or Brown), attractive and well mannered. #1 son could do much worse for himself.

Daughter is Skyping on TH’s computer. Bye all!

I’m pretending just like* Swampus.**

my alarm (clock-radio) will go on at 5:55am - so that I may [del]sleep through[/del] hear the headlines and weather report.
The cat will meow incessantly at me until I open a can of her favorite gooshy food and pour it in her bowl.
I will take my morning meds, get washed and dressed for the day, stop at DD for my first huge coffee of the day, and head in to work, where I will stay until quittin’ time.
Then I will come home to the cat who will scold me for leaving her alone, surf the net, watch House & The Big Bang Theory, then go to sleep so that I can start the whole mess over again on Tuesday.

Gee, sounds like a lovely day Swampy! I, on the other hand, have a SWELL day planned! I will get up early, throw some tylenol at my “flu-ing” daughter, then head off to work. There, I will psychologically torture 345 high school aged students for 8 hours. When not torturing them, I will ridicule and generally hassle the teachers. I will try hard to pace myself. I wouldn’t want to blow my entire load before lunch. THAT will be the challenge, and I am willing to give it a try!!!

lemme guess - you’re a principal?

Better! I am the Secretary! They come to me for EVERYTHING (bandaids, tylenol, passes to class)! I love it! So many young minds to torment!!! :smiley:

Welcome back, Fetchund!

Oooh, the ideal high school job!

My Monday: Listen to 2 alarms and then get up. Get ready for work. Go to work. Try hard not to hurt anyone (:D). Come home. Knit. Continue on my journey toward a more organized household. Get ready for a field trip to a pretty garden Tuesday. (Yay!)

It’s past my bedtime, so I’m still up. (That makes sense in my world.)


IMS, the secretary runs the school, anyway.
I will hit the snooze button 3 times. The clock is set 15 minutes fast to allow for this. I am aiming to catch the 0718 express into the city. If not, I will catch the 0733.

I am wearing “nice” (dark blue, dress) jeans, a mock turtleneck (chocolate brown) and a short waisted jacket that is all rusts, golds, browns and creams–kind of a tapestry/brocade pattern. I looked, but cannot find an image online that matches the jacket.

Um… I think our severe weather sirens for our small hamlet are suddenly going off. Hmmmm… Perhaps what I thought was late season fireworks is thunder, instead?
Off to find out if we are going to Oz (too cold, but who knows…).

Raining like hell here now. Thunder and lightning! Off to bed with murder mystery…

I will hit the snooze three times, too, unless I have to pee real bad, then I only last twice. I will feed the dogs. I’ll get both newspapers for my Dad. I will then take my early breakfast of 4 zillion pills, then make my first cup of coffee with French Vanilla creamer. I’ll suck it down, then go take a shower. Sometime around then hubby wakes up and mumbles on the way to getting coffee. I’ll get dressed, fix my lunch, then leave at 6:00 am and drive thirty minutes to work.

At work, I’ll be first, and turn on the lights. Then I’ll check my email, personal and company, turn on the Dope and the Raffe, and I think tomorrow I will try to finish my GD&T training.

I should go to bed. Blurf. And groan — Mondays suck.

Monday morning. Get woken up by HRH, who demands to be taken immediately NOW, to the potty, try to get her to sleep for another 15 minutes, give up and take her downstairs to the Housework Fairy, sneak back to bed, hit the snooze button once, crawl out of bed, tumble downstairs and make coffee, crawl upstairs and roust hubby out of bed, throw myself under the shower, get dressed, screech and remove the now half-empty tube of expensive face cream from HRH’s cream-covered hands, wash two sets of hands (hers and mine), get dressed again, crawl downstairs, remembering that something about today is special, sip some more coffee, then rush to the door to wish hubby a Happy Anniversary before he walks out the door, screech again as I watch HRH almost fall down the stairs wearing my new 4-inch heels, get it all together and rush out the door … Sigh!!!

Came in here to wave hello at all my old homies, and, in the spirit of the OP, I guess I’ll just say I plan to wallow in my new powers.

I may even make dinner.

Today (It is Monday morning where I am) is a different Monday.

Up at 6AM to shower then Skyped with hubby back in Cali. Then I am off ot dry my hair, take out the trash catch a cab to the airport then get on a 6 hour flight to Lagos, Nigeria. Deal with cutoms and immigration and be whisked off under armed guard to the company compound. Fun day.

Take to ya later in the week!

Have a safe trip, Mmmmms!

Morning, all; I’m up and caffeinated, I’ve even put together a brekkie to take to work gasp :slight_smile: Today will be a busy day because it’s timecard pickup day; I’ll be scrambling to get the leave on them that folks took on Friday afternoon. :wink: I didn’t sleep very well last night, so it will also be a LONG day. Hopefully I’ll get in at least a short nap this afternoon after I get home.

Happy Monday all - and welcome (and welcome back!) to all the new converts. :slight_smile:

Morning mumpers, happy Monday!

I really don’t know how Swampy copes with so much excitement in one day, I’ll let you decide how my Monday stacks up against his:

Get up at 6am
Shower, dry hair, get dressed
Go downstairs and feed the ravening horde of two cats
Make lunch to take to work
Make breakfast
Watch news headlines while munching brekkie and drinking tea
Catch bus to station, catch train to city, change trains to campus
Get to office to sort out morning chaos (no staples in the copier, lecturer halfway through a copy run for a lecture that starts in 20mins)
General office-type day fielding queries from 400 students who can’t follow simple instructions and a bunch of academics who don’t know up from down
Go home
Feed ravening horde of two cats again
Cook dinner and eat it
Wash dishes
Collapse on sofa for an hour before going to bed

Anyone want to swap?

Whoa! EC is a mod now? Congrats!

BooFae if’n your day included a trip to the sto’ ya might have been a competitor. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’ before I start my glamorous and jampacked full of excitatement day. I have visions of bein’ at the oil change place at 8AM when they open for bidness and then hoppin’ on over to the grocery sto’. I got all organized and made out a list and even put it in ‘Stang last night so I wouldn’t forget it. Now the big challenge is, will I remember to actually take it with me into the sto’. :smiley:

Rumbly tummy is insistin’ on some brekkie. Guess I best go feed it.

Later Y’all!

I’m sure I could fit one of those in on my way home, does that mean I win something?