A disease for you from Breckinshire

Come one, come all, and get a disease from Breckinshire. I’m not a doctor, though I’d like to play one on tv. I did take a medical terminology class once, so that makes me uniquely qualified to blindly declare diagnoses without regard to race, sex, religion, or symptoms.

Bless us, St. Breckinshire: Patron Saint of Shameless Begging for Recognition. And Patron Saint of Pizza.

–Thanks, SwimmingRiddles!

I’ll take one. I need a good excuse to not write the final paper for my internship this weekend… :smiley:

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Quadzilla: urinary discharge of an unspecified nature

Bless us, St. Breckinshire: Patron Saint of Shameless Begging for Recognition. And Patron Saint of Pizza.

–Thanks, SwimmingRiddles!

lol…thanks, Breck…
Any advice on where to find a good catheter?

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What the hell: General malaise, probably inspired by the poverty incurred by spending the BOOM era in Mississippi. Tongue relatively clean, regular bowel movements, but much underlying psychological turmoil.

Diet: Vegetarian, whole grains. Avoids processed foods.

Physique: Female: Northern European mix, with underlying Cherokee. Small-boned, with a tendency towards anemia. Feminine Cycle: MMM this gets complex, no?

Well, go ahead on!

Hey, I wanna be a disease too!

elelle: Congenital Acapnia
saucy potato: Myocardial Agenesis

Bless us, St. Breckinshire: Patron Saint of Shameless Begging for Recognition. And Patron Saint of Pizza.

–Thanks, SwimmingRiddles!

Oh, a disease would be wonderful! Next time someone asks what’s wrong with me, I can make them feel sorry for me AND sound smart!!

“Mega the Roo - Patron Saint of Marsupials and Shampoo”
-Ms Riddles

I’d like something I can believably call in sick to work for–without undue embarrassment. List some symptoms also, so I can fake them over the phone. :wink:

One that would make me sleep for prolonged periods of time would be nice.

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Tell your boss that you have coryza (pronounced co-rye-za). When he asks what it is, tell him that it is terribly contagious and you will be unable to work for at least a week, maybe longer.

BTW, “coryza” is the medical term for a runny nose.


Allright, I think I need a good disease. Make it somewhat a wasting disease(so I can lose, say 30 pounds?), but not so serious as to kill me.

I think I’m flourishing too much to die :slight_smile:

And remember kids, crack doesn’t smoke itself!

Kat- "Hello, Boss? I can’thack come to work todaywheeze. I have coryza. It’s terribly…

Boss–“Don’t worry,Kat. Bob and I are doing just fine…”

So little time, so little to do. Oscar Levant

If everyone else gets to be infectious, then I want in on the fun also.

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OK, Breckie, I am tired of the diseases I already have.

May I have a new one, please?

One at a time! No crowding, please! Breckinshire Memorial Hospital is open to at least 11 pm.

mega the roo: Acrocyanosis

Kat: Epidemic Pleurodynia
symptoms: severe pain in the lower chest, muscle pain, fever, sore throat, and frequent headaches. Good news, it’ll clear up in 2 to 4 days without treatment!

CanadianSue: Anemic Hypersomnia

GaWd: Thyrotoxicosis It’ll get the weight off and probably won’t kill you.

Mullinator: Maduromycosis

Eve: vasomotor rhinitis

How bout me? Could I have something in a virus, please?

Can I have scurvy?

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The more infectious the better!

“Vasomotor rhinitis?”

What the hell does that mean—my nose runs like a motorboat? I WAS told I had a “power nose” once . . .