A Foot Cramp MMP

So someone has to get this started and my durn foot has me awake and looking for the new thread. And not finding one. So give me your reason for being awake or just highjack away.

First! Mwahahahaha!

Technically, I haven’t gone to bed yet. So there’s that.

MMP seems to come earlier each week.

any plans for the Fourth? I’ll be ducking the heat, then heading out for the local fireworks with the family. The kids are old enough that they enjoy them now, instead of bursting into tears and begging to go home.

I’ll probably be sleeping, reading, or watching videos. NO plans to be anywhere near traffic. The “drivers” in this area are quite bad enough on days that don’t revolve around parties/barbecuing/heavy drinking.

I’m sleepy but can’t sleep.

My body/mind is so out of whack right now. I don’t know if it’s from stopping the pain pills or hormonal, one minute I’m up, the next I’m down, I still feel spacey at times.

I want to feel normal, or what counts as normal for me, again.

The guests are on their way back to Florida. **FCD **has gone to work. The house is quiet. The king mattress is in the green bedroom so I can finish disassembling the bedroom myself to clean the carpet.

One of the cats peed on the bedspread - at least it was the part the was on the floor. The basement is drying, I guess. I’ll go down there shortly to load the bedspread into the washer and I’ll see what the fans have done all night Today promises low humidity - that should help.

My awakenings these days are normally bladder-related… like 4:20 this morning. But surprise, surprise, Ziva came in to help me pee!! If she doesn’t venture out soon, she will when I take up the foundation boxes. That’ll wipe out her cat cave.

Poor Cozmo wasn’t going to be left behind. While my daughter was packing her car, he got in and wouldn’t get out till she dragged him out. And as she walked around doing her last minute stuff - like filling her water bottle with ice - he was her shadow! I’m sure he’s happy to be going home. And while it was nice seeing everyone, I’m glad we can get back to our routine. No more Wheel of Fortune!

Anyway, Happy Moanday!

Up, caffeinated, off to work.

Ruble, could be worse. Try having a leg cramp in a waterbed. You end up in pain and seasick.

Feel better soon, sari.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis 71 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 92 and sunny for the day. 'Tis also foggy out. As we are both on vacation, no big plans. Probably N.O.L. out somewhere and some cee-mint pond time. Nice!

We shall have folks over on Sattidy for the Fourth. Firday and Sattidy shall involve hangin’ at the cee-mint pond. I plan on smokin’ some chikin and ribs on Firday which shall be consumed Sattidy. I have a frozen <snerk> butt! <snerk> which I shall take out of da freezer tomorrow to thaw so’s I can chop it up and throw it in the slow cooker Firday mornin’. We shall have bbq sammiches and slaw on Firday. No travel plans as we do not want to be out amongst the crazies on a holiday weekend.

Ok, that’s all I got. I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy wants sustenance. Then purtification shall commence at some point.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

I had the strangest dream of my pitiful life last night. That I went deheathenating Luthrun style with Swampy… Nothing odd about it, twas a normal service, and I was introduced to the young Anglican priest afterwards.


I have problems with my legs cramping overnight. Nothing says fun like screaming in pain and jumping out of bed to put weight on a leg in an attempt to break a charlie horse.

I was up at 5 am, because my 12-hour cough medicine stops working after 8 hours. :mad:

Did I mention that I was sick for half of my vacation? Yeah. A week in Maine, and I was sick for half of it. Garumph!

Not back to work today, but have to go tomorrow. :frowning:

Sigh. Happy Moanday.

A frozen butt, eh,** swampy?** That’s what I had throughout all of February.

I was awake at 3:00am because Nature called. I tried to let it go to voicemail, but all that did was give me a few malfunctioning bathroom dreams.

Had I known you started this a few hours earlier, I’d have posted then.
Oh well.


Danged Morning People!

Except that yestiddy you would have been introduced to the old Anglican Priest Assistant. YP is on sabbatical June and July. You’d like our Priest Assistant. He told me I have an absolutely despicable sense of humor and meant it as a compliment. :smiley:


Like rose, my kidneys acted like an alarm clock, except at 0430. So bathed, shaved, made up sammiches (Braunswieger with pickles) and went off to irk.

Spent the weekend in Chattanooga at a Science Fiction Convention (Libertycon), but also found the time to visit the Tennessee Aquarium (very nice!) and bought 14 more buttons for my button wall at irk (my favorites: “After Tuesdays, even the Calendar says WTF!”, “I’m in shape…Round is a Shape” and “I stopped fighting my inner demons; We’re on the same side now.”)

Kopek, I rarely get foot cramps (but they are a &*%^#% when I do), usually my cramps are in the back of my lower leg and they can jerk me out of a sound sleep.

Ah well, a 4-day irk eek, so that at least is something to look forward to.

I’ve removed everything I intend to remove from the bedroom. I’ve vacuumed up enough hair to build another cat. And it’s depressing - the area under the bed shows what our carpet looked like when we bought it. It was beautiful. The traffic areas, not so much.

At least it will be clean in a couple of hours.

The bedspread is washed and on the lines (it spans 3 of them) and I’ve got a load of towels in the washer. I moved some fans around in the basement, but it’s drying really well, so there’s that. Our concern is about the drywall and how wet it got. Will mold be an issue?? I do so hate drywall work…

Not even 9 AM, and despite a shower and being dressing in shorts and flip-flops, I’m sweating like I ran a marathon. Or what I’d imagine it’d feel like to run a marathon. I don’t ever expect to experience it.

Still smells like bacon in here, even with all the windows open…

And this is a bad thing?

If the dry wall got wet, it should go. Replace with mold proof stuff. Any insulation should be checked too.

TVCTPMO started bright & early this week:
I woke up, rolled over & looked at the clock, thought it said 6:11; so time to get up, then I realized it was only 5:11. This caused mental calculations to be made - how far of a ride can I get in? Should I stick to the original plan of today being an off day since this weekend got screwed up & I only got a medium/long run in yestidy instead of a very long on in on Sat because of the rains. Decided to follow original plan & rolled back over for a while.
Once I did get up, the radio said my train was running 20 mins late. Got there, it was on time, but only three cars instead of the usual 5 (or 6). It was SRO at our stop & most of the people couldn’t get on at the next stop.
I’m now at irk & have realized that they only loaded the ‘standard’ software on my new 'puter. I need to figure out all of the extra programs that I have/use so I can get them to come by once to install everything else. :smack:
Yestidy was not a good day to be a triathlete:
The local (Olympic) triathlon became a duathlon because 1½" of rain made the river high, fast, & unsafe for open water swim.
My friend did one in ID, where they had a high temp of 107°; she said it was one big triage station.

Mia culpa usually on the early thing. What can I say other than I hurt and was looking to post something somewhere while I let the pain fade. :slight_smile:

Some friends have a pool party for the 4th every year. While we don’t make it all the time (lots of historic things and amusement parks to do on the 4th) it does look good for us this year.

On an unrelated note – continued hugs to Sari. Hope you get back to what passes as 100% for you quickly.

I’m lucky - my foot and leg cramps are fairly rare and more the “wake up idiot and pay attention to me” kind. The Old Wench on the other hand has ones so bad that she literally shoots out of bed and sometimes screaming. And for her its often one a week or more. My sympathy to her and you and Harry as well.

Did you visit Funtown/Splashtown and/or hit one of the seafood joints around Old Orchard Beach? Hey - what can I say? I have a two-track mind. :slight_smile:

Fortunately, there’s no insulation. My feeling about the drywall (it’s a basement workshop after all, would be to cut of the bad stuff and be done with it. Most of it is behind cabinets and equipment anyway. But spousal unit will make the call and I’ll do what I must.

The carpet cleaning is done! I even remembered the 2 spots in the living room where one dog horked and the other one peed. We cleaned them by hand, but they’ve now had a going-over by machine. The towels are on the line. The house is still open and it’s lovely!

Very productive morning. I’d love a little snooze, but I can’t get to any of the beds! The futon is lost behind the king mattress. The bed in the blue room is blocked off by the 2 foundations for the king. I might just recline with my knitting and see what happens.