A girl is about to lose her virginity to a preacher's nephew

My friend, a girl is going to a boy’s house tommorow night. She thinks that he wants to watch movies but I know there is no way they are going to just watch movies.
She said that this guy was even letting her choose the movies, I think he is letting her choose the movies because he doesn’t care what movies she brings because he has no intention of watching them.
She said they will be alone but that he respects her and know that she wants to stay a virgin until she is married…I can’t believe she could be so naive.
There are very, very few 16-17 year old guys in the world, that when all alone with a girl that they like just want to watch movies. I can’t get that through her head.
I’m thinking about giving her some condoms to take with her when I see her tommorow afternoon.
I actually know this boy he is in my youth group at church and that’s why she thinks he isn’t going to try anything and also because he is related to the asst. pastor…all I know is that she will lose her virginity to the nephew of the assistant pastor, no doubt about it.

I guess you know the people better than I do, but I think there are plenty of 16- and 17-year-old boys who would be happy to watch a movie with a girl they fancy and not necessarily sleep with her. I know that I watched a lot of movies with my boyfriend at age 16 and it didn’t always end up in a giant sexfest on the couch–in fact, it very rarely did.

Again, you know them better than I, but I’m going to give the boy a little more credit than that. Maybe he’s letting her choose the movies because he likes her and he wants to learn a little more about her taste, or else he wants to make her feel like he cares about her, or something like that. I’m going to give the girl some credit as well; is it a given that she will submit to the boy’s theoretical requests? Is it out of the question to think she might become offended and leave if he propositions her like that?

I think you’re being unneccessarily pessimistic and defeatist, but that’s just MHO.

My friend, why do you assume you know this boy’s intentions? And what do you care what they do? Are you in luuurrrve with her?

Okay so maybe the boy does plan on making a pass at her, but why does that necessarily have to include sex? Why can’t it just be kissing, or even a little more than that? Or perhaps this boy has a bad reputation?

And why is this making me think of a reversed Footloose?

Oh yeah, And why does it matter that his uncle’s a preacher?

Uh… screw what the boy’s intentions are. If I were this girl I’d would be deeply offended by what you’re saying.

Most 16yo girls are MORE than capable of taking care of themselves in situations like these.

Trust me I know. When I was a 16-17 year old boy I tried more times than I can count to get down the pants of several 16-17yo girls; to no avail

Unless you’re trying to imply that this boy is a rapist and intends to force his will upon her. If that’s the case, call the cops or her parents.

That’s exactly what I was going to say, SHAKES. Aparently START knows this boy will rape this girl.

Anyway, on another note, I think it’s very confusing to have both a START and a SHAKES for some reason. I was confused for a minute when I read what looked to me like the OP arguing with himself.

How old is this girl?

Is the boys name Billy-Ray? If so, don’t trust him!

Agreed on both points.

At 16, I would have been thrilled to be able to watch a movie alone with a girl I liked and would have content with just that. Not all males are douches with nothing but sex on their mind.

Silly, don’t you know that the only one who could ever reach her is the son of a preacher man?

Does she have a cell phone? Call her that evening repeatedly. Not so often as to make her turn off the phone, but often enough to spoil the mood.

Show up with a pizza and plop yourself down in between them. “I have all this pie and no one to share it with… Hey, you’re watching My Giant, I love that movie!”

Or just bring your shotgun.

I’m confused. Why is sex bad?

Exactly, because being obsessed about her personal life and condescendingly sure she can’t take care of herself isn’t bad enough. Becoming a crazy stalker is always a good plan…

START, You wouldn’t happen to have affections for this girl yourself would you? I see by your profile you’re the same age as the girl in question. (Can’t say for sure if you’re a guy or a girl though.)

If thats the case I feel for ya bro. Been there, done that, it sucks!


If you’re a girl…

Well, shame on you… :wink:

:eek: [sup]The Puritans started it.[/sup]

Uh. Why?

I was impling if she was a hetero-girl that doesn’t have a romantic intrest in her. She ought to know that her friend has a mind of her own and can handle herself in the discribed OP’s situation.

START, this seems to be a pattern with you. Always worrying about what other people are doing; always convinced that they’re on the road to ruin. Perhaps you shouldn’t take so much of the weight of the world onto your shoulders.

Yes but regardless of START’s gender, the girl doesn’t seem interested at all. I’m just confused why you would be sympathetic if he’s a guy but would say “shame on you” if she’s a girl.