a love story

You are making a movei. Its a love story.
You can choose any two actors to star together.
Being perverse, who would you choose?

Tom Cruise & Richard Gere

Both have been the subject of rumors considering their sexual preference; this should keep people wondering.

Plus, Tom’s about the same size as a gerbil :smiley:

Tom & Gere: a tough act to follow. So how about Rosie Odonnel & Rosanne? :eek:

And you know this HOW?

Hmm. Tought act to follow here…

Timothy Dalton and Mae West?

Carrot Top and Fran Drescher.

Dame Judith Densch and Brad Pitt

William Shatner and Meryl Streep…either she will kill him or they will try to…outpause each other…

Get your mind out of the gutter, Silentgoldfish; I was referring to Tom’s diminutive stature, not his genital endowment.

David Duchovney and me. (I took drama in high school, I swear!)

I figured you were referring to inserting Tom Cruise’s entire body into Richard Gere’s anus.

But that’s just me.

Noah Wyle and Me.

I have this whole fake movie planned out. I would be the granddaughter of a wealthy Russian prince, played by Omar Sharif. It is set during the Crimean War.

Back story: His first wife died when his eldest son-my father was a teenager. Shortly before his son marries, my grandfather marries again, to Frances Fisher, and she has a son, who will be played by the delinquent Edward Furlong. My father marries a woman and shortly after she finds out she is pregnant, my father is killed in an accident. Or something-I haven’t figured this out yet. My mother, in her grief, declines in health and dies giving birth to me. So my grandfather and his wife, my step-grandmother raise me as their own daughter, along with their son-I know they are my grandfather and step-grandmother, but I still call them Mama and Papa. Frances Fisher’s father is still living-played by Gregory Peck, who is my step-great-grandfather, but I consider him my grandfather.

Right around the time of the Crimean War, a British officer, played by Noah Wyle, comes to our home. And then…
Yes, as a matter of fact, I AM insane.

Andy Rooney and Barbara Walters.
Dick Cheney and Ann Coulter (Nuke me, Baby!)
Frazier and Dr. Laura.
Madeline Albright and Yassir Arafat.
The Pope and Frankie Muniz.

Leonardo D’Caprio and Bea Arthur

Sam Donaldson and Courtney Love

Helen Hunt and me.

Martha Stewart and Paul Williams (or any other celebrity pipsqueak).
Whoopi Goldberg and John Rocker.
Ted Turner and Squeaky Fromme.
Charlene Tilton and Steven Seagal.
Dubya and Sally Jesse Raphaël.
Mary Lou Retton and Robin Williams.
Judge Judy and Daryl Straberry!! :smiley:

You know you’re going to Hell, right?


I almost forgot; Satan and Saddam Hussein.

(where’s the red smiley with horns??)

Prime Time Glick and Miss Cleo
Tom Brokaw and Barbara Walters
Barney the Dinosaur and Sandy Duncan

The Rock and Martha Stewart (actually, anyone and Martha)
Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings (ewww, twins separated at birth)
Nixon and Liberace.
Britney and Queen Elizabeth.
Grizzly Adams and Lassie
Don Adams and Heimi(sp?) the Robot

gilbert godfrey and carrot top , the two most annoying people in the world , doinnn the nassty ( ugh mental picture)