A new Punch Line thread

“I just have to outrun you!”

“Uh oh. This goes further up than we thought.”

“You can stop when you see me chewing gum again.”

“Okay, just eat the vegetables then.”

“The stories about him are greatly exaggerated.”

P.S. By the way, did you hear that Walter Mondale is fucking Jodie Foster?

“Ham and legs.”

They just won’t listen, dammit.

“There’s always a little something to nibble on.”

A girl who can outrun her brother.

He putts the same way as he drives.

“I’ll never trust you to mail a letter!”

“My next trip to the bathroom could spell DISASTER.”

“Don’t ever complain about my cooking again.”

“Who said he wanted to get married?”

“Nowadays he’d be a Democrat.”

“But Leonid, what will you do if the Communists ever take power?”

“Show him your badge”!

“Oh, by the way - here’s the twenty bucks I borrowed from you last month.”

“No, no. No pockets.”^

^Better as a visual gag.