A perv in your neighborhood

As a parent we are here to teach our children from right from wrong, have them learn from their mistakes and to get along with each other no matter what sex, color, religion etc. I am not a perfect parent and don’t plan on being one.

I live in a complex, that has about a dozen kids, they are kids you know I’m not going to play with ya cuz your teased me. Turn around the next day and play with them. So why complain? Well out of that dozen kids, there is 2 fuckn asshole little punks that I want to whip their ass with a switch, a belt you name it do it to them and try to knock some sense in those boys. But there are not mine and that would be child abuse in today’s eyes.

I tell ya these boys will be the next Jeffery Dalmer (sp) they enjoy killing things from bugs, lizards and maybe even birds. I don’t know if this is what boys do, but my brothers never did that unless it was a science project and they would just kill on insect.

My son came home one day and said, so and so grab his balls and said “oh, yea” and then showed his ass to the girls. All I told my boy was that I didn’t want him playing with them end of story. After time passed, my boy started to play with these boys again. But things started to weird again, but this time the target was my boy. He would get harassed, picked on and blamed for shit he didn’t do. How do I know this? Because he is at his fathers house on the weekend. This time my husband told my boy he is not allowed to play with him at all and you can tell him that. He now doesn’t play with the punk ass kids anymore.

But then this is the catcher, this fuckn asshole little punkass kid decides he is going to play with the girls. He threw one of the girl’s jackets on the carport. She asked him to please get it down. I’ll do anything. Punk says, anything…. Ok Sex. She did get her jacket.

Now a parent like me, I wanted to do something but didn’t know how to go about it. I could have just let it slide when I heard this but Nooooooooooooooooo. I may have a boy whom I ‘ve taught about the don’t touch here, and let me know. I took the action I believe was right and I told all the parents about this boys, including a neighbor who is a cop.

The bottom line is this boy’s mom is never home, she leaves her kids home with their other siblings who don’t come outside to even check on them. Where is the boy’s father? Hmmmm I would like to know which is whose father.

So far most of the parents have forbidden their kids from playing with these boys.

What would you do if you where in my shoes?

Sorry for this to be so long and not the greatest rant. I’ve been able to calm down for the last week.

I got the main jist of it, but it’s hard to follow. Needs punctuation; capitalization would help; but mostly a logically phrased rant would be helpful.

I get the idea, but barely. I give it a 6.8

Useable, but needs work.

Everyone in this situation could obviously use some help from ‘experts’ of one kind or another. You should tell people about it until something is done. This is how little boys grow up to be rapists, and little girls grow up to be… whores. Good luck.

And you know… come to think of it. It is a rape already.

Could you give us an idea of the ages of the kids involved - both the victims and the bullies?

You say you live in a complex. Either the parents of these children don’t know what they are doing or they don’t want to know. Make it very clear to both the children themselves and to the parents that this behaviour is completely unacceptable and you will pursue the matter until it ceases even if that means them losing their home.

The first point of responsibility is the parents. If these children are attending school with any of your children, make it very clear to the school that children are being bullied and that you except the school to take action if any instances happen at school (and that if they fail to do so you will pursue the matter vocally at a higher level).

If you believe a sexual assault to have taken place (I couldn’t tell from your OP whether that was the case or whether sex was requested for the return of the jacket but it didn’t occur), then you have little option as a responsible adult to report the matter to either your local child protection authority or the police.

None of these actions are going to make you popular with the offenders or their parents, but as you’ve mentioned there are a number of children being victimised, perhaps the parents of the victims could take combined action.

Bullies - whether children or adult - thrive on power. You are more powerful, and it’s time to use that power to protect your own children and others.

I agree with reprise. You have a duty to not only inform the parents of these boys but also other parents and possibly counselors at the school. These bullies need to be dealt with and just keeping your child away isn’t enough. Maybe you and the other parents can work out some sort of watch program to keep an eye on your children and keep them safe from these bullies but first make sure you talk to the parents involved. Even if the parent of the bully can’t be reached, talk openly with other parents and with the school. Good luck.

naw much lower because of the grammer
Victims: I can’t really say I do know the ages range from 4 to 12. The bullie/ Perv is 12

Was there sex done: very possible, due to that he tried to force one of the girls to give him head for no reason. I know this because a parent say him.

The bullies/pervs go to a different school in a different area.

All the parents know about what is going on. They have also talked counseled their kids. We are all working together on this.

We have also informed our neighborhood policeofficer who is keeping an eye on these boys.

Like I said, the mother of these boys has no time in raising them. She has her other kids raise them. Because she is too busy screwing.

These bullies/perv are the nicest kids when you are out there. Saying Hi , thank you blah blah blah. But when you turn your back it begins.


Am I alone, or did that not quite make sense?