A question about oral sex

Okay, it’s a pretty typical question, but I’m kinda curious about something else in relation to it.

  1. Do you consider oral sex to be sex?
    Now most people have pretty come to a decision on this. Personally, I don’t. I’m still a virgin, but I LOVE to go down on the ladies. Although I do recognize it is a very personal and intimate act, I still view it more as foreplay, and although I have been willing to give it up to a few girls, I’d perform oral on a lot more women than I’d consider having sex with. I just view it differently, that’s all. Now, here’s the question that never seems to come up in conversations on this topic, but it’s something that popped into my head. If you do consider oral sex sex:

  2. Do you consider hand jobs/fingering sex?
    If you feel oral is sex, why not these? Everyone seems adamant about oral, but no one ever really mentions mutual masterbation. If Clinton just got a hand job from Monica, do you think it would have been that big a deal? Both involve genital contact, so why’s one considered bigger than the other?

  3. Do you prefer oral sex to straight vaginal sex?
    Personally, I don’t have any input here, but I know a lot of women who claim they can’t get off to vaginal sex, but when it comes to one of the other, some prefer oral, and some go vaginal. And I know some guys who would much rather get head than jackhammer away on a woman, so I’m just curious to what your takes our.

I am speaking as a gfuy, so I can’t comment on what the women want…

I enjoy giving Oral, but it doesn’t do much for my GF.
I enjoy getting oral, because I don’t have to do anything except offer encouragment
I like sex sex better then oral sex becuase, even though I don’t enjoy it as much physically, we are both getting off at the same time. Personally, I enjoy giving pleasure nearly as much as getting it.

I consider handjobs/fingering seperate from cunnilingus/fellatio seperate from intercourse. This is probably because each of them was like a seperate “step.” I got hand for a while, then head, then sex. I didn’t experience them all in the same night, so they are seperate acts. That’s the way I see it any.way

**1) Do you consider oral sex to be sex? ** Yes

**Do you consider hand jobs/fingering sex? ** Yes

**3) Do you prefer oral sex to straight vaginal sex? ** It depends on the mood of things.
I guess I’m a prude, in a way. Though I was not a virgin when I got married, I really felt a lot of aspects to sex were too intimate for anything but marriage.

dragongirl, you aren’t a prude in my opinion. I agree. 100%.

Because mine is.

1 & 2: It depends. If I were trying to define losing my virginity, or whether or not a woman and I had “gone all the way”, then oral/digital sex, while significant and a whole lot of fun, don’t count.

OTOH, if I were defining cheating on a spouse, then yes, I would include these as sex.

3: sometimes.

IMO: If someone else is touching me (by consent) with the intent of giving me an orgasm, it’s sex.

So: 1) & 2): Yes.

  1. Often yes (giving or recieving), but it’s really mood dependant.

Saying 1 & 2 aren’t sex is a bunch of jive talk, which is what Clinton was indulging in when he claimed he and Monica hadn’t had sex.

Next answer comes from a list of sex rules:

  1. Go up and you’ll find heaven. Go down and you’ll find salvation. :wink:

No, I don’t consider 1 or 2 to be sex. I define sex as sexual intercourse. It’s the act that, if both partners are fertile, and the timing is right, can result in reproduction. ( This isn’t to say that infertile people therefore can’t have sex; I’m just saying that that particular act defines “sex” for me.) Oral sex or anal sex are separate acts.

But, as sublight said, if your question is to define whether or not someone is cheating on a spouse by engaging in these, then the answer to that is yes.

  1. Yes. It’s called oral SEX, not oral foreplay. :smiley:

  2. Yes, though I bet I’m of a minority opinion. I feel that any direct genital stimulation performed on or received from another person counts as sex, regardless of which orifice or appendage is causing the stimulation.

  3. Since I’m a gay man, yes.

  1. Sort of.
  2. Not really.
  3. Hell no.
  1. No
  2. No
  3. Sometimes (giving and receiving)

I don’t define oral or digital stimulation as being sex, as I use the word “sex” to mean “sexual intercourse.” I’m with Clinton on that one.

However, in terms of cheating on a partner, then I would consider it cheating, and would not try to use fancy wordplay to avoid difficult questions (even though I am a lawyer). Therefore, I’m not with Clinton on that one!

I remember seeing a US comic here in the UK, who summed up the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal as follows -

“Clinton didn’t lie to Congress. Clinton didn’t lie to the American people. Clinton lied to his wife. Everyone else just got in the way.”

I have an amusing book c/- my mum that discusses this to some extent. Whilst the author appears to be serious the whole topic was v. funny. You can have a look at some of the authors comments on “The Genital Kiss” in this MPSIMS thread. Basically as long as you avoid abomination (the authors term for climax during oral sex) its only foreplay.

Now I have to go sit in a corner and giggle at the pictures again :smiley: