A "talent/no talent" show

My brother used to do something we called “stupid magic” for talent shows. For example, holding his breath underwater. (someone holds a cup of water over his head & he puffs out his cheeks & makes “swimming” motions.) Another time, they sawed me in half ( ripped up a piece of posterboard with my name on it. ) Another one He announced "I’m going to his this board with my hand & break it… " ( Smack!! Owwwww! The assistant deadpans “Yup, he broke it.”) A card trick involving a giant card in the dack… There were others… I’ll have to ask him.

Google “the cup trick” from the movie Pitch Perfect. There are numerous Youtube tutorial videos that will teach you how to do it. Anna Kendrick learned how to do it for the movie by watching Youtube videos, as she explains and demonstrates here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_9i9Q7KIrU