A teen suicide hits home.

A kid my daughter went to school with put a gun into his mouth yesterday at around 3:00 pm and killed himself.

He was very close to a kid around the corner that my kids are very close with. They’re quite worried about him. He’s got good family, very close, and good friends like my kids to support him.

I hate that anyone has to survive a suicide, but I hate it more that children have to deal with it. I did, when I was 18.

I didn’t know the boy but I mourn for the waste, the loss, the awful mistake. At age 13, what the heck is so bad that you see no way out? Yes, I know, there are severe mental health issues at all ages so please don’t flame me for saying that. It’s a kneejerk reaction. Clearly this young boy felt he had no other path to chose.

I mourn the fact that my children found out yesterday that they are not immortal. Everyone realizes that. Sad that it had to be this way.

I worry about copycat suicides. It’s summertime, kids in the 'burbs tend to be more isolated from each other ( aside from phones and instant messenger, thank god ). I worry about how it will make my children feel about themselves and their peers.

How painfully awful.


And no, this isn’t mundane or pointless but I felt it was the most appropriate forum anyway. I’m encouraging Dopers who have dealt with this to come in here and share so that I might understand what to do with my children regarding this tragedy.

How awful.

I feel for you & yours.

Suicide is tough for survivors no matter what age you are – my best friend killed himself 20 years ago and I will never totally be over that.

I know you’re an excellent father, and I know your love and support will help your kids get through this. Be there for them, and let them talk even if they don’t know what they want to say about it – and let them not talk about it, too, when that’s what they need.

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Thank you for the kind words. Yeah…sometimes I have a real problem letting my kids not talk.

It’s a bad habit.

They’ve spent time with their pal. Dunno when the funeral is yet. I am not inclined to push them to go, but will support them if they do wish to go. And yeah, if they go, I go.

My son’s kindergarten teacher’s husband died last year of cancer. We all went. He was a teacher too. The place was simply overflowing with former and current students and their families. And so, I would guess many classmates will attend this poor child’s funeral.

Man. Nobody should have to bury their child.

I think this song pretty much sums up the way you are feeling, Cartooniverse.
How Do You Get That Lonely?
As a first year Guidance Counselor next school year, I know I’ll have to deal with suicide. I just hope it’s not soon.
{Hugs for the family}.

My grandmother has had to bury three-- all died in adulthood. She lost her two sons on the same day in an accident, and lost my aunt, a suicide, a little over a year and a half ago. I don’t know how she’s found the strength to survive it.

Dealing with the aftermath of my aunt’s suicide was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.