ABC pulls "Welcome to the Neighborhood".

Amid concerns about the potrayal of people expressing their prejudices, ABC dropped the reality show “Welcome to the Neighborhood”.

Ya know, I don’t even know if I would have watched it anyways, but the promos I saw did intrigue me. . .“all right, people are going to air some shit out. Force 'em to really think.”

Clearly, ABC has no fucking balls.

You made the show. You got the controversial stuff you wanted. Now fucking air it.

Perfect example of why people complain about watered-down network TV. People were going to be on TV expressing bigoted opinions. Uh-oh, can’t have that. Go back to watching people stand on poles in the water for 8 hours straight. No one could find that objectionable.

Man the fuck up, TV.

GLAAD was concerned that the bigoted sentiments of some of the neighbors that go unchallenged for weeks might send the unintentional message that discrimination is no big deal, which we all know it is. GLAAD also said that it hoped a retooled version of the show would eventually air, so it won’t be pulled for long.

Having two gay white men who’ve adopted a black child compete for housing will certainly challenge some VIEWERS’ preconceptions, including mine.

I hope they win and turn it into a reality show version of Webster.


From the linked article:

:dubious: You don’t need a new TV series to do that.

I… but… can… whaaa!

GLAAD, WTH? This is your chance to show people would would never listen to you outright that homosexuals aren’t demons/tragic figures/etc., but normal people. It might give people the impression that anti-homosexual behavior is a-okay. Bull. You… fire of thousand anal fissures… gah!

People make me sad sometimes. :frowning:

I had no intention of watching the show.

I saw the promo and my first reaction was, who the hell would want to live on a street with all those right-wing bigots - no matter how nice the house? And yes, I am sure it is all lovey-dovey, goo-goo at the end, but when you hear the comments made during the series about the people who DIDN’T get selected, that wouldn’t exactly make me feel all warm and fuzzy moving in. Whoever would have won the house would have been the token [fill in the blank] of the neighborhood forever.