Active shooter in high school in Santa Clarita, CA

MSNBC broke away from Nancy Pelosi to announce a school shooting at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California.

Very limited details right now.

Los Angeles Times’ Twitter is covering it.

Local news says 6 or 7 victims, several treated at the scene. Shooter described as an Asian male dressed in black.

It’s never a Jewish female in a majorette uniform.

According to the local coverage being simulcast, the shooter has been disarmed but no further details. No one dead yet, but 6-7 victims.

How long before ther are CTs saying that this happened to distract people from the congressional hearings?

Until a school cancels its creative writing program. Then watch out.


One Dead, Two Critical


Shit x3. I hope the two critical students pull through.

Shit? People get shot all the time. Why is anyone surprised it happened again?

I don’t think anyone is surprised.

Agreed. Furious to the point of wanting to hurl well-aged excrement at the worthless blobs of protoplasm who hide behind “sacred Second Amendment” rhetoric (while frequently taking reverse Danegeld from the NRA), yes; but surprised, no.

Suspect used a .45 cal handgun to shoot everybody, including himself, on his 16th birthday.


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Like this one.

i live about 45-60 minutes from there and almost went to that same hs back in the 90s …