Again with the annoying commercials!

You’re not wrong. But I dig those snakes.

I do kind of enjoy the commercial too; though, as a guy, it did cross my mind that turning the bartender into stone for a little light flirting did seem like a wee bit of an overreaction, innit?

I like the accent of the narrator of those commercials (there’s at least one other, featuring Cleopatra). I like the way she says “turning people into stone’s a bit of a buzzkill, right?” and in the Cleo version “no one likes a diva, hon.” Anybody know which region of Brit accent that is? I can only ID a few of the more common regional Brit accents by name, like ‘Liverpool’, ‘Cockney’, and ‘Posh, or Queen’s English’. There’s also a northern Brit accent, I believe, that turns some one-syllable words into two, like ‘home’ into ‘hey-ome’.

This commercial for USAA annoys me more every time I see it. It tries to appeal to military people by showing quick clips of military people doing military things, ending with an old vet saluting the flag. The part that bugs the shit out of me is when they show a formation marching by. I guess somewhere there’s a vet nostalgic for marching in formation. He’s probably nostalgic for cleaning a stinky latrine, too.

The USAA commercials bother me, too, but for a different reason. All they’re doing is touting their exclusivity. They don’t promise low prices, or good service, or anything to their actual customers; all it really says is “you should be a customer because other people aren’t allowed to be”. It’s a terrible message, and a waste of money to make and show those ads.

I get what you mean, though maybe because I’m a woman it doesn’t hit me that way. I think they tried to make the guy as cheesy as possible so as to minimize the offense but there certainly are more than a few guys who seem to be really offended by it.

As to the narrator’s accent, I’m thinking East Estuary but I’ll leave it to our Brit dopers to give the correct answer.

I had the same, exact reaction to this commercial. Wow, just LOOKING at someone across a bar will label you as a creep who deserves to die? Boy, I’m glad I’m no longer dating!

This commercial for the Amazon Alexa annoys me, partly because it’s played far too often and partly because the big thing it promotes is that you can verbally tell Alexa to turn on captioning. Well, big deal, because I can do the same thing with a button press on my cable remote.

There’s a new Limu Emu commercial, a wedding no less, and Doug, being the officiant, says that only two things last forever, love, and their insurance. Ugh. I hate all those commecials, and this is even worse.

Something weird is going on in my neck of the woods. The local channels from the Not Really A Very Big City close by are having some kind of advertising War.

The factions are rug cleaning, garage doors, windows and patio doors and stone/tile.

There are TWO companies running ads for rug cleaning and the damn time. Really? Who even knew this was a thing? And there are TWO companies? The same with the garage door people. Two companies, all day long. How often to you really need to replace a garage door?

Here is where it gets weird: THREE Stone and Tile companies are going at it, hard and FOUR replacement window/patio door places are battling it out. I can’t imagine enough people wanting to replace all the doors and window in their homes to keep two businesses open.

I guess that’s why they all try to out-do each other with the excessive advertising. It’s really annoying.

One of the Stone and Tile places have this real nicely produced ad showcasing all the beautiful stuff they have to offer, their fleet of nice trucks, all the neat and tidy employees. Then, the closing shot is of the exterior of one of the locations with a HUGE Logo on the side of the building… and several broken pallets, piles of junk and general disarray. What the fuck were they thinking???

Yeah, since when is kinda creepy worthy of a death sentence?

Let’s turn it around- some dude has uncontrollable lightning bolts coming out, so he Amazons some rubber gloves. Goes to a bar with the Bros. A woman winks at him, so he takes of the gloves and kills her.


New ad which bothers the fuck out of me. Guy gets a sprayer of deadly herbicide, then runs around like several guys, spraying deadly Agent Orange shit everywhere, even on one small poor dandelion.

That stuff needs to be banned. No homeowner needs that shit.

Scott Summers: The Early Years

There’s an anti-perspirant commercial out that features an old lady’s stringy underarm. Ain’t nobody needs that.

Sure, goofy self-mockery can work, but here, especially old buddy at the pinball machine - UGH, yikes.

Hey, lady in the Hippo Insurance commercial, that ain’t the sound of rocks (or hailstones) hitting your house – it’s the sound of whatever objects happen to be in my reach hitting the TV when your stupid commercial starts playing for the third fucking time in a row.






Shut up! :mute:

I want this now, though.

Oh My God! There is a new commercial for some shingles medication where they show corkscrews burrowing out of scaley skin! Creeps me right out and it is really disturbing while I’m eating breakfast. Gah!

Oh, and the younger girl freaks out (hands waving) because her phone needs to be charged. She thought of that AFTER she got to the school?

And there is no way the mother should have seen the lizard in the back-up camera. That doesn’t turn on until you’ve have it in reverse (unless she drives with it turned on).

There is a S’mores commercial that tries to lay earworms with Eddie Cochran’s “C’mon Everybody”. Not to be insensitive, but are they being inclusive with the little girl? I mean, is she differently abled in some way?