Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D S03E03: A Wanted (Inhu)man

“A Wanted (Inhu)man”
Directed by Garry A. Brown
Written by Monica Owusu-Breen

So, who is the (inhu)man mentioned in the title of the show? Will it be Skye, Lincoln (The doctor who helped Skye in her transition to inhumanity), or someone I just haven’t thought of or we never met?
Monica Owusu-Breen previously wrote a couple of memorable episodes, including The Well were we learn some snippets of Ward’s weird upbringing, and Making Friends and Influencing People where Simmons was in Hydra and she had that delightful Mary Tyler Moore Show like scene with God Help The Girl music backing her.

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Apparently it’s Lincoln.

Not a great episode. Nothing earth-shatteringly wrong, just felt like the show is biding its time to bring various plot threads together. Curious as to why Simmons needs to go back.

Agreed that it was just a mediocre episode. I like the interplay between Coulson and Rosalind (how many times will I spell that Rosiland?) but I didn’t buy Coulson giving up Lincoln. It doesn’t seem in character to me.

So Hunter killed his old buddy with the brass knuckles? Seems unlikely, but whatever. The scene with May beating up the three goons was simple and effective fan service.

Mack is the most sensible one on the show.

The kiss between Daisy and Lincoln - not buying that either.

Red Socks?

Thank you! I noticed that and my wife missed it - we kept looking to see if it showed a second time but we never saw it again. I will say that Hunter looked dead on for the various Irish Bostonians who live in the Allston-Brighton area. That jacket was perfect.

I did like how they subtitled Hunter & friend’s drunken ravings. That comes in handy in that type of bar.

It was bugging me that I couldn’t place Spud, until I remembered him from Spartacus.

That was actually a laugh out loud moment for me.

This was a terrible episode; everyone got handed the idiot-ball. Coulson should know betraying Lincoln would alienate Daisy, and that Vague Government Agency can’t be trusted, anyway. Plus he has Mac not tell his team leader, Daisy, about the tracker; two people on a team, and he’s setting them up not to trust each other.

Lincoln is an emo moron wailing about how his life is ruined but refusing to come up with a plan. May knows damn well that Ward will have warned his people to look out for her – she was his supervisor, after all. And Hunter hasn’t been secret about working for SHIELD last season, so they probably know who he is, too (Hydra has all of SHIELD’s data; Hunter is a known associate of Bobbi).

Moreover, after quarantining every person who comes into the remotest contact with alien anything for two entire seasons, they suddenly let Fitz and Simmons wander around loosely after Simmons spent three months on an alien planet. AND even though she’s all jumpy and spooked, decide to “give her time” instead of, maybe, considering that she might have PTSD or something that needs to be addressed ASAP.


Yeah… I can’t really defend anything.

Although- I do think Daisy and Mac have good chemistry and enjoy scenes with them.
Coulson + Rosalind equals loooove connection. Or Clark Gregg just really can add some sexy charm to any scene (similar flirting with him and Reina in the previous season).

May rocking a Blondie tshirt and tarted up a little bit was fun, but that whole plot was stupid. “We have tech we want to sell.” “Okay but you have to fight someone.” “Um, did you hear me say I had tech to SELL, I’m not looking to join up.”

It seems more likely like Simmons is Simmons and not a duplicate,but I’m still hoping there’s an interesting swerve coming…other than her wanting to go back.

I just realized what would make a great sweeps week ratings grab- promote that a character from Guardians of the Galaxy will appear when they go back to the alien world…and just get Michael Rooker as Yondu appear.

I suspect someone there helped her, and she wants to save them as well.

Or she’s a Dire Wraith. :cool:

I am calling it as the strapping young man in the flashback scene. Poor Fitz.

Any guesses what is up with Jemma’s flashes into black-and-white with blur sfx, for example when the noise in the lab spooks her? Indication that her perceptions have changed? That there’s someone/thing else perceiving things along with her?

Mac has had good chemistry with most of the characters he’s interacted with. I think it’s more the actor, than the Mac character.

It’s like how Clark Gregg has good chemistry… even if his character is randomly changing to suit the plot needs of lazy writers.

As others have said, this was a filler episode.

I agree that giving up Lincoln shouldn’t have come so easily. As far as Vague Government Agency is concerned, I’m at least cautiously pleased with how it ended up in this episode: Coulson putting himself up to work with Vague Government Agency with his mini-speech explaining “I’m tired of fighting it out with another agency to decide which of us does the job that needs to be done” (obviously not the exact quote).

The whole “We’re both the good guys but you good guys need to stand back and let us good guys do it our way!” would have just gotten tiresome if they were to do it again. Coulson’s reasoning was totally in character, rational, and drew from the show’s history.

That said, he could have led with that offer skipping over the “O.K., if you leave Daisy alone you can take Lincoln step” and just jump straight to what ended up being the best deal for both parties anyway.

I also liked that there were two troublesome instances of good guys killing people. It sets a good foundation for personal moral crises going forward …provided they don’t forget about it with the plots going forward. Although, Hunter clearly knows that he’s killed bad guys before, and he knew his “friend” was really a bad guy and not really his friend, so he’s just distraught about killing someone who, to him, had a face and a name rather than an anonymous mook. So, Hunter’s conflicted morals about killing are really kinda weaksauce. With Lincoln, it’s more believable that what he’s done could lead him into self hatred.

Not a very strong episode, but I didn’t dislike it as much as it seems others did.

I must not have been paying attention: besides the “usual suspects,” who was expressing dislike for this episode?

Are the following posters the usual suspects?
(I’m not a good as many at the SDMB at storing individual personalities and posting histories. Do people here “know” me as a poster? That would actually surprise me. Once I move on to reading the next post, I usually forget. I even have to scroll back up if I suspect I’m reading a post by someone who’s posted in the very same Thread.)

As dastardly as this would be (and I remember Star Trek: The Next Generation doing this a couple of times- episode previews dropping the name of a classic character as if they were going to be there and it turns out to be nothing more than a name drop) I would still pay actual money to see this. Loved Yondu.