Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D S03E04: Devils You Know

“Devils You Know”
Directed by Ron Underwood
Written by Paul Zbyszewski

I just watched last week’s episode yesterday, and I have Star Wars on the brain so I just don’t know what to hope to see in this episode! Well, I guess mostly I want to see why Simmons so desperately wants to go back to that planet!
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Well, despite a cheap cliffhanger ending, this was a better episode than last week. No one was carrying the idiot ball, outside of personal drama… and Coulson trusting Dragon Lady.

Also: worst. Inhuman power. EVAR.

So Lash is Rosalind right? That’s clearly the direction they are pointing us in, right? I’m thinking there will be some sort of twist but that’s the seed they’ve planted.

Evil Ward was cool last season but he’s not a leader character so him as “Director of Hydra” boring.

Werner Von Strucker is… odd, I’m thinking Blair Underwood’s doctor wasn’t killed and Werner changed his loyalty last second…especially since I think the actor was originally announced as playing Phobos, son of Ares and member of the comic Secret Warriors team or someone else saved the doctor last second.

I don’t think Lash is Rosalind, but if that red herring made you excited, then it worked.

I think Lash is one of Rosalind’s underlings. Maybe Brooks (Boots? the top guy) and I wouldn’t be surprised if she knows and is using him for her own ends.

I am looking forward to next week when they show us what happened to Simmons. I know it’s got a good chance of disappointing, but I love seeing her on screen. She and Fitz are family favorites. My kids and I love watching them.

We also got a good chuckle over why Coulson isn’t wearing a tie this season.

And May’s man is not dead. Everybody knows that a character isn’t really dead until you see the actor on another show. :wink:

I’m fairly certain Andrew isn’t dead. Kid Strucker looked too afraid when he ran out of the store, and his henchmen weren’t with him. I’m thinking maybe Andrew is Lash and that’s why he left May.

I’m putting my money on this bet. Nice.

Nah, he’s just another nebbish agent who turns out to be a master of hand to hand combat. Like Phil himself was in the Marvel One-Shot “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer.” After all, you couldn’t be married to May for years without picking up some skills from her.

That would be a fun twist! And the misdirect to Rosalind would fit with that. And yeah, the Strucker kid seemed too spooked for everything to have gone cleanly.

ETA: any bets on why Simmons has to go back? To overcome some internal PTSD when she “gave up hope”? Because something is over there she needs? Or some person that helped her survive that she wants to help in return?

I’m confident that the simpler the reason, the longer Simmons will refuse to articulate it for no apparent reason.

I think they should kill Ward and be done with it. Seems like the show is constrained by the marvel film , and cannot move forward with story arc’s until the movies set the new canon. So after MCU cancels the mutant movie, we get a hand me down mutant story line and lateral hydra story arc’s that are not likely to really interfere with the main movies.

I like the new agency, and I’m betting that it has more than a few Shield and Hydra refugee’s filling their ranks, but Coulson is still going on tactical ops, instead of staying back and concentrating on what shield has remaining, and what else are they working on.

We have two air carriers and an unknown amount of shield units that should have come in from the cold, after Coulson and Adama made up. Waiting on new life to be breathed into the show.


I like the Andrew is Lash theory, but I think it more likely that Rosalind’s attack dog Banks* is Lash.
I’m still enjoying the show, but I’m getting a bit tired of the keeping secrets from each other thing. Any rational person would have been questioning Jemma, May, etc a *lot]/i] more, rather than just letting it go as they have been.

*Had to look that up.

I’m worried that it is a baby - sped up time?

Too late to edit, or fix my coding…

The shadow show of Lash turning human wasn’t terribly detailed, natch, but I’d swear it was a male silhouette, and probably short-haired to boot.

So either Banks or Andrew. The first would explain a lot, but so would the second. I’ll backtrack a bit on my previous assertion, and give it a 50/50 shot between the two. Andrew would be more dramatic…

Some more thinking, sorry about the multiple posts.

I don’t think Andrew is Lash. The apparently good guy turning out to be the bad has been done, on this show. The timing doesn’t (I think) work for him to contact the hacker to get his next target. May is a trained and skilled agent, and he hasn’t even occurred to her - and weren’t there some timing issues when he was off with her? Largely, though, it just doesn’t feel right.

I do think Andrew is still alive, and not because Werner had an attack of mercy. There was a lot of stuff strewn around the floor in that shop, and while I don’t doubt the good doctor might make a fight of it if he had to, especially associating with SHIELD in general and May in particular, it seems more likely that a third party had a hand to play in it.

Anyone seen Deathlok lately? :smiley:

I’ll swing back to Banks again as being most probable.

Other thoughts. I kinda doubt Jemma had a kid on TwoMoon Desert world. I’ll lay odds that there is someone (or someones) still there, that she wants to help - or destroy. How many people have been eaten by the Monolith, over the centuries? Enough that there’s a camp/city/world of survivors? Heck, maybe just that one dude from the beginning of “The Purpose In The Machine”, if time is acting funny. There’s no evidence of that, though - Jemma seems to be reporting that her timeline matches up with the gang’s from SHIELD.

And that’s the last for a while, cross my heart!

Liked Dwight Frye’s name. Nice time of year for a call out of the original.

I like how the lab coat looks on Bobbi. I enjoy the exotic, like May and Daisy, but untold generations of Aryan selection cannot be denied, and there’s something special about a Valkyrie that makes my heart hop.

Roger that. (In every possible interpretation of the phrase!)

Loved Rosaline’s eyebrow raise to Coulson’s warning about the laser finger.

Help me fight my ignorance - ?

She is indeed a handsome woman :wink: Don’t know about aryan selection, but I love her credibility in action scenes and the way she registers emotions with her eyes. The fact that her character is supposed to be a good interrogator/listener works well given that.

I assume you mean Inhuman, not mutant, and Marvel did NOT cancel that movie. That was a fake rumor that Marvel already denied categorically.

Missed it on broadcast, saw it last night. Agree that the cheesy cliffhanger ending takes something away from the episode. Give us something, not that.

I would guess that Lash isn’t anyone we’ve met yet, but I’m pretty confident he’s not Andrew. Completely out of character for someone we have a long backstory on. He was with May when the transformation would have happened, no chance she’d ignore that, nor would she be worried about his surviving. The only possible way she’d be worried about Andrew at the store is that she’d worry he would be exposed as Lash. Hrrm, maybe there’s something to this after all. :slight_smile:

I find the Jemma hemming and hawing boring. These people are people of action, and hiding their feelings is just creating unnecessary FUD. Get on with the story. Same with Bobbi not going out into the field. She’s a trained killer, getting tortured and shot by Ward shouldn’t keep her out of the action this long. Coulson doesn’t need to baby her.

Ward is not a leader of men. He’s a lone wolf. He should lose control of the new HYDRA to Baby von Strucker - that will at least set up some tension. At least he got shot, that’s something. Hunter seemed very stingy with those bullets; why wasn’t he firing in full auto?

The best thing about the show right now is the interaction between Rosalind and Coulson. Followed closely by the interactions between Mack and everyone else.