Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D S03E06:Among Us Hide...

“Among Us Hide…”
Directed by Dwight Little
Written by Drew Z. Greenberg

I’m ready to be disappointed this week. Last week’s episode was the best of the season, I can’t imagine they will be able to come close to that height. PROVE ME WRONG, Drew Greenberg. Prove me wrong!! (looking at his writing credits (Firefly, Buffy, Arrow) he might be able to pull it off.)
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I didn’t like it. Another “traitor among us” plot line, too soon after Ward. I’d have preferred just about any other explanation.

I’ll admit I was guessing it would turn out Rosalind was Lash.

Me too. The reveal caught me by surprise, in a good way. Looking forward to watching this play out.

To me this was a solid move forward episode. Concidering that he never moved any inhumans far enough along to join Daisys team, this made a lot of sense, as an aside, that Robot in the facility, looked alot like I would expect Glados to look like.


They all but telegraphed that Rosalind was Lash and that Andrew was inHuman. This twist is actually very good.

We saw Rosalind sitting across from Coulson while Lash was attacking somewhere else (the hospital Lincoln worked at IIRC) so she was never really a possibility unless one of Lash’s powers was being in two places at the same time.

Once it was established that Lash could change his appearance, the list of suspects was really short, and the more flirty Coulson got with Roz the less likely I thought it that she would be the one turning into a shirtless ultramasculine 6’6" killing machine.

Of course, now it annoys me for other reasons - Andrew is an inhuman and always was, even years before when married to May, even years before it was established that there was any such thing in the MCUniverse? My, what a coinki-dink!

Well, verifying it should be easy enough - Andrew’s been under medical care at SHIELD HQ for some time, getting a blood sample can’t be difficult. I’m holding out the vague hope that it’s not actually established that Andrew is Lash - we only have Strucker Junior’s word for it, after all. It could turn out Lash was near Andrew for some reason and stepped in to save him and Strucker only thought they were the same person.

Yeah, it’s way too convenient. I think it’s pretty sloppy writing. Of course, we may assume that Andrew didn’t know anything about his Inhuman nature until he transformed recently but until that’s established we may be looking at it the wrong way.

I think the questions he asked to Daisy at the end, and the expression on his face, combined with the explicit images in the baby von Strucker’s flashback pretty much eliminate that option.

Anyone else pissed off that they killed Stucker? I thought he could have been a cool character. And Powers Boothe is apparently playing Gideon Malick, a member of the World Security Council as seen in the Avengers. Not sure where that fits into the Hydra story line.

Eh, both von Struckers were whiny losers. The father surrenders to the Avengers, then gets killed in his cell, this one just give up and runs for help as soon as his operation goes south.

As regards Powers Boothe - is there some evidence from the episode that he’s playing the same character? Not that it makes sense for him to not be the same character, but we never did see his face in the movie, so they could be using the actor differently.

We saw Powers Booth’s face in the movie. Not a lot, but I definitely recall seeing it.

Interesting show. I don’t see how long they can extend the “Daisy thinks Coulson is in cahoots with Roz!!” so we will have to see where that goes. Enjoyed that Andrew is Lash - kinda thought it was something like that. But yeah, they will have some 'splainin to do to make sense of when he changed and how he was hiding his secret even with top agent and ex-wife Melinda May, who I would assume should’ve sensed something was up.

The way I remember it, we saw darkened silhouettes of all the WSC members. Powers Boothe’s voice is unmistakable, so it was obviously him, but his face was never clear.

Here’s what I mean.

They clearly established that Andrew “disappeared” on Melinda after they’d hooked back up. She implied that was the reason she didn’t pursue things further even though she didn’t want to go back to SHIELD, and he apologized for flaking out on her. Rather obviously, that’s when he took his fish oil supplement (which we’ll probably see in flashback next week).

I have to say, the sinister shot of Andrew walking away telegraphing him as the Enemy Among Them was done much better than the similar shot of Hank Henshaw this week in Supergirl. For Henshaw they had to use glowy red eyes to show he’s a menace, and he’s been a jackass the entire two episodes of the series, so it was utterly unsurprising and lacked any drama. With Andrew, they laid the background for this to be a meaningful heel turn, and the actor conveyed menace just through body language. Much, much better.

I was thinking Lash has been Lash for much longer than a year or two, but I have no knowledge of the comics. I like the Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde theme. I don’t see how being Lash goes against his personality if it has been just a cover all along. If he has recently been changed by the fish oil, I fail to see how he got so adept at control, maybe it’s his doctorate degree.

He may have slipped on occasion, like that time he thoughtlessly prescribed haldol and lithium for a patient.

And then disintegrated his heart.

In the comics, Lash is a resident of another Inhuman city (Orrolan, not the main Inhuman city of Attilan). He’s apparently been a leader of the city for a while, one of its few inhabitants to have undergone Terrigenesis, and has not had a lot of contact with mainline humans. Comics Lash is out to kill new Inhumans he sees as “unworthy” of Terrigenesis.

He’s got energy absorption/conversion powers, but can’t transform into a “normal” human form. It’s basically a completely different character than in the MCU.

Given how Andrew keeps digging for intel on Lincoln, I doubt that Lash is a separate personality. It’s likely we’ll get some twisted rationale for Andrew/Lash’s actions as trying to “save” the Inhumans he’s killing… kind of like how Rosalind says she’s saving Inhumans by collecting them in her coma thingy.

It also answers the question of why Daisy wasn’t killed by Lash, at least partly. Andrew didn’t want to kill her, either because he finds her valuable, or because she’s the right kind of Inhuman, or because he likes her. He’s in control of changing to Lash and back, and he appears in full control of his memory and actions, so he made a choice not to kill her.

Yeah, considering his control it would seem that he’s had this ability for a while. The Jeckyll/Hyde thing is and interesting thought and would certainly add a layer to the character(s) though they did just do that last year with a character.

Well, while she was transformed accidentally, it was the ‘proper way’ (or, what did they say in Attilan? Something like, in a Kree temple, with a monolith, the ‘old’ style?), and she did get some proper inhuman 101 afterwards. It could be that Lash is just after those transformed by the contaminated fish oil, along some sort of twisted eugenics reasoning (not that there’s non-twisted eugenics reasoning).

I don’t recall it ever being that close but there were a lot of Lash disappears/Roz shows up and Roz leaves/Lash shows up. And the show put a lot of effort into the red herring. The economy of characters meant that since the show built a mystery around who Lash was there were only three possibilities - Roz, Andrew or Roz’s number 2. Once the last one was eliminated and Andrew’s story didn’t add up it was clear that he was the one.

This episode had so much going on with three major plot lines and one minor one.

May and Bobbi’s plot was interesting, but I think we’re supposed to think May was right in wanting to go straight to violence in the bank…when she was wrong. The same behavior that Hunter was getting undeserved shit for (reckless and emotional), May engaged in and then was never called out on. Seemed like a mandated fight scene–which I’ve heard they get told to write by the network.

As for Powers Boothe–the show is treating him as though he’s the same character from the Avengers movie. I hope that he takes over and makes Ward an underling again which is wear he belongs. He’s a good number 2 bad guy, not a number 1.