Ahmed Best - Perfect casting for Jar Jar

Okay, after reading Harry’s sneak review at Ain’t It Cool News, I broke down and busted out my Ep II stiffie.

Hustled over to starwars.com and checked out some of the behind-the-scenes videos they have posted.

I’m new to the whole concept of Ahmed Best. I’d given him the benefit of the doubt and had him pegged as a regular Joe who had the misfortune to be cast as character so excreble that he seemed contrived to cater to drooling two-year-olds.

After seeing a few installments of “On Location with Ahmed Best”, I realize it’s not Jar-Jar. The problem is Ahmed.

What is up with this guy? He’s like the nightmare result of generations of selective breeding for “annoying” - hopped up on speed.

What’s interesting about these little films is that his interviewees don’t try to mask their contempt and hatred. Even lowly stunt-doubles look at the man like he were some sort of insect. Even George seems embarrassed to be in frame with him. (Anthony Daniels handled things pretty gracefully, but then he’s Politeness Man.)

Ahmed. For the love of God, it’s time for an intervention over here. You aren’t funny. You aren’t cool. (Nobody really says “PEACE OUT!”, dear.) Learn to control yourself, or enjoy being sedated and restrained.

I know his father. Personally. He is neither hopped up NOR annoying.
That selective breeding crack really stuck in my craw. You don’t like him? Fine. Leave his parents out of it.


An an emotional level I refuse to believe that that man really has parents – if only out of sympathy for their hypothetical beings.

How wude!