all men are created equal - geek

in the end we are all the same…then does that not mean that we are created equal?
yet i belive i can successfully argue that we are not all created equal in the physical life we now live in.

the word, or question that made me think about this was the branding of a certain group of people as “geeks”, just as i could call all joks stupid or all americans self centered bastards.

the human race is a group of individuals, we are social beings and yet we have individual needs…our individual needs are sometimes based on what other individuals need or want…and even more when a group of individuals say its what you need. its the need to fit in!

ok, considering this, i now have the need to know your opinion on the matter: are all men created equal? or are some created geeks…


Good to see you back geek, where ya been? :wink:

hehehe…good to be back

eh…ive been hibernating…until i realized im not supposed to do that :wink:


How about ‘all men are not created equal, but deserve equal respect’, i.e. we should treat people not equally, but equitably.

Only humans commit inhuman acts.

you bloody well deserve the respect you earn.
asking somebody to respect you without him knowing your actions or deeds it not vaguely silly, its quite frankly dumb…
what we should do is not to judge people in any way


What makes you think “geek” is an insult? I prouly proclaim my geekdom!

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Is that your final judgement, bjOrn?

“The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind.” - Humphrey Bogart

i never said geeks are geekish…i was talking about general branding of groups by somewhat larger group of the same species


never named a single soul…i just posted it for others to see :wink:


Well, we are all created equal. After all, the geek shall inherit the earth…

Yer pal,

So, BJ, what’s the point here?

Did someone call you a geek and you what the Board to tell you that they shouldn’t have because all men are created equal? (unlikely, this being the pit)

Or are you looking for an excuse for yourself to trash geeks? (unwise, since many of us here are self-admitting geeks)

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Beef #1 : What the hell is this thing doing in the Pit in the first place?

Beef #2 : Ever heard of upper case?

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Whoops, never mind my comments. Folks, you should probably read the “DUngeons and Dragons (sic)” thread started by shudder Brithael to figure out why the hell Bj0rn did this.

It also clears up his meaning- fr’instance, “joks”=“Jocks”. I thought he meant “jokes” at first…


obvious that you are not a jock :wink:


::::::Leaping to Bjorn’s defense::::::

Moosie, he’s trying to compensate for all the troll postings in SOLID CAPS. With outrageous amounts of punctuation!!! And lUdiCrouS IDeAS in what they think is CReatiVe tYpogrAphY!!!@!@!@!@!
::::drawing deep breath:::::

There, I feel better now.

brilliant posting polycarp…
and you got it half right…comparing other people didnt get any of it…
its strange how he human brain works, if he doesnt understand something someone is saying, he discards it as bullshit…

What would you suggest we do with it? Save it and stink up the room?

“The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind.” - Humphrey Bogart

Hey, if it looks like bullshit, and it smells like bullshit, and it tastes…nevermind.

well, its certainly better to discard it rather than throw it back!


I was not created a geek, Bjorn. I made myself into one. I behave in a geek manner, enjoy geek activities, spend time with geeks. I have embraced the societal stereotype, as defined by the good looking, the charismatic, and the wealthy. I enjoy what I am and what I do.

I have clawed my way up the geek ziggurat.

I do NOT wish to be accepted in society, and I have (finally, thank ghod) grown out of wanting the “popular” people to like me. Fuck 'em. I behave as a geek without fear of censure, because the opinions of the ignorant do not matter to me.

And in return, I give jocks, politicians, and my uptight coworkers the benefit of the doubt. I try not to judge them too harshly, but I don’t give a rat’s ass how they judge me.

Sounds like you’re upset because you don’t want to accept an apellation of “geek.” So don’t. But get over the “can’t we all just get along” bullshit. It isn’t going to happen. Crying about being called names will not make the names go away.


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