Almonds or Cashews?

Which do you prefer, almonds or cashews?

(I have a theory and it’s sort of like choosing your favorite Beatle.)

I need context. I picked “cashews” because if you put a bowl of salted nuts in front of me and told me to pick one, that’s what I’d pick. But some things are better with almonds, or almond flavor, in them.


And Lennon, for what it’s worth.

Almonds. I like cashews, but after a handful the richness is overpowering. I can nosh on almonds much longer. Also, I could probably eat almond paste right out of the can.

I have a strangely strong opinion on this - I love almonds and I think cashews are gross.

BTW… George Harrison.

Cashews are the yummiest of all nuts. If it weren’t for the fat content, I’d eat 'em all the time.

And the Beatles were so much more than the sum of their parts that it’s silly to pick a favorite Beatle.

Macadamias and Ray Davies. Because I’m a rebel.

I like cashews better but I eat more almonds for the same reasons as Chefguy.

We tend to buy nuts from Costco in 1kg bags and the cashews I can leave in the bag but the almonds I need to separate into snack sized bags or I could just mindlessly eat the entire container.

Cashews because they have a sweet taste to them. I’ve recently discovered cashew butter and I don’t think I can go back to peanut butter.

and Pete Best.

The cashew’s sweetness is why I picked almonds!

I picked cashews in the poll, but pistachios are the tastiest nut ever.

Without almonds there could be no chocolate covered almonds.

I’m torn - on the one hand, cashews have that buttery flavor, but on the other hand, almonds have the crunch you just don’t get in cashews. If you could make a hybrid of the two with the crunch of an almond but the flavor of a cashew, I’d be sold.

Almonds and Ringo

I hate cashews and think Lennon was good only when his ego was kept in check.

Almonds, but both are towards the bottom of my favorite nut list. Cashews especially are overrated.


Cashews and I despise the Beatles.

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I can taste/sample/enjoy almonds, but I can’t stop eating cashews once I start.

Pecans and Pete Best.