Your favorite nut?

For me Pistachios by far. If I didn’t have to shell them I could possibly eat half of a 5 lb. bag by myself. Honorable mention: Cashews and Walnuts. I wish a Sams Club was close by. They always had the huge bags of Pistachios really cheap.

Moderators. I couldn’t decide if this would be better in Cafe Society or here. It’s kind of a poll I guess. But I just wanted to talk about the love for all things nutty.

For me, close call between pistachios and cashews. Macadamias are pretty awesome too; i love their consistency.

If chocolate is involved, though, hazelnut moves to the top of the list. Chocolate and hazelnut is a great combination.

The left one.


I’m partial to the pistachio, but my true love is the peanut – for where would my beloved peanut butter be without it?

Hazelnuts and cashews tie for first, and pistachios are a close second, for sure.

Cashews. Preferably roasted with a little black pepper and salt. I could eat those until I get sick, and then promptly resume gorging myself on them as soon as the purging was done.

I’m also rather partial to pecans if they’re an ingredient in a particular dish (ie. pecan pie, arugula salad with pears and pecans, cookies, etc etc), but not so much for just eating out of hand.

Cashews above all others. None even comes close.

In the South, it’s in your contract to like pecans. Heaven help me, though, if they ever invent dark chocolate covered cashew M&Ms.

I’m a nut addict. I love them all. Cashews, Pistaschios, Brazil, Peanuts, Pecans…but for the favorite it’s the fat rich nuts, like cashews or pistachios.

To eat on top of, or mixed in other foods, Pecan’s hands down.
To nibble on pistachios.


Pecans. I’ve always loved pecans: as a child, I envied grownups the hand size and strength required to crack pecans by squeezing two together in one hand, while I had to use those nutcracker pliers and risk crushing the meat. I’ve been an adult a long time now and I still prefer to crack them by hand, even with no little kids around to impress.

I will usually go for the cashews first, even though I am in the South, and the pecan is the Texas state tree. I love to get a big container of deluxe mixed nuts and go crazy. I regret that I’ve never found pistachios in such a container. However, I have found shelled pistachios for sale here and there, which I prefer very much to the unshelled sort. I want my nuts roasted and salted, please.

I also love pumpkin seeds and sunflower kernels. I really don’t like to have to crack shells with my teeth, not after all the dental work I’ve gone through.

Walnut is something else.

I love just about all nuts, but pine nuts have to top the list. Big bag from Trader Joe’s. Raw or roasted, doesn’t matter.


/hijack :smiley:

Macadamia nuts. Covered in chocolate, mixed with coffee beans, in cookies.
Cashews and peanuts are also nice.

Me, too! followed by pecans and pistachios.

Cashews. Roasted almonds are good too. Not a big fan of pistachios.

My husband.