Almonds or Cashews?

Love 'em both, but cashews are my favorite. And I do associate them with the Beatles–I remember using Christmas money to buy Rubber Soul and a whole can of cashews for myself. :slight_smile:

I’m allergic to cashews. Easy choice.

I enjoy the taste of Honey Nut Cheerios, but the few cashews I’ve eaten in my lifetime have tried to kill me from the inside. So I’m going to go with almonds.

Almonds. Cashews are dry (and, of course, aren’t nuts at all).

I agree with this. Cashews have a weird texture and flavor that make it feel like I’m munching on an intestinal polyp or some such.

Like others have said, I’ll choose one cashew over one almond, but I’ll eat a bag of almonds faster than a bag of cashews.

Cashews are great, but I will eat an almond on occasion.

BTW, did you know there is only one cashew in a weird ‘pod’ thing filled with caustic goo stuck on the end of a fruit that kind of looks like an apple?

Weird fruit/nut combo thing.

Give me a choice between cashews and pistachios, and I’d be hard-pressed to pick a favorite. Almonds, though, while good in some contexts, are nowhere near either.

And I don’t dislike the Beatles, but I can’t say I’m enough of a fan of them to have a favorite.

Yeah, that’s it. Dry as hell. Peanuts are similar, but salvageable because they can be honey roasted.

If you want to nitpick, almonds aren’t nuts either. Nor are peanuts, walnuts or brazil nuts. The only true nuts that most of us have heard of and eaten are hazelnuts/filberts and chestnuts.

There’s a reason I love Almond Joy candy bars. :wink:

I usually buy mixed nuts because I like variety. Cashews are ok. Almonds are my favorite. Especially the smoked almonds like they give you on the plane.

Now I can reveal that for me, it’s almonds. I don’t like the mushiness of cashews. Also I liked George.

Cashews and Ringo.

Hah - I wonder what this’ll do to the theory - I was coming in to post almonds and Ringo!

Cashews, don’t like almonds, but I can’t eat nuts anymore because of my dentures.

Almond lover (currently in the minority). So what’s the theory?

Anyone remember Jordan Almonds? They are candy coated almonds. Unless they are very fresh, you can break a tooth on one.

I ate them as a kid. Today, I have too many crowns to risk it.

For just straight eating, cashews win out every time.

As an ingredient in something, I’d have to go with almonds. Cashews get kind of soggy in Chinese food and aren’t as appealing to me.
Almonds, on the other hand, hold up well and add a nice crunch. They’re excellent in chicken salad.

On their own, generally cashews. I prefer variety, but if forced to pick one or the other, it would have to be cashews (if we’re talking the plain, salted variety.)

Almonds are almost tasteless, dry and like chewing rocks.

Not a contest. I love cashews and I hate almonds .