Am I being lazy for not adding tags to new posts I create?

@What_Exit is always adding tags to my posts every time I create a new one. Whenever that happens, I think “Uhh yeah, I should probably do that myself and save W_E the effort” :blush:

Then, every time I create another post I forget again.

But, I’m not actually sure what is the “best practice” or proper posting etiquette here. Which of these three scenarios is the most correct?

  • I should be tagging my own damn posts. Give the mods a break and stop being a lazy ass!
  • Add my own tags, or don’t and let the mods choose the best tag for my post. Either way is fine.
  • Mods know best, and choose the best and most accurate tags for the post subject. Mere mortal guest posters like me should not attempt.

Adding your own tags in The Café and The Game room would be good but hardly required. I go through the tags pretty fast at this point.

So lets go with
“Add my own tags, or don’t and let the mods choose the best tag for my post. Either way is fine.”

The only trick, is most of the tags are for just The Café and The Game Room.
Though we have a few exceptions, especially the current and hopefully short-lived ukraine-invasion tag.

List of All the Tags

This is the first I’ve heard of tags. I really need to start paying attention How do you do it? And why?

Tags have mostly been used a quick link to a more specific area of a forums content.
A good example is the baseball-mlb tag in The Game Room. This will only link to the threads tagged as baseball.

The ukraine-invasion is a different type. It gives us a way to link all the threads on the Ukrainian Invasion without creating a new subforum. It also helps as it lets pit threads stay in the pit. GD threads where they belong and Sports in the Game Room, etc. We have 97 threads already with this tag.

Remember currently this is just for The Game Room & The Café Society with a few exceptions I’ll explain later.

How to:
When you create a new thread, New Topic
you fill out both category (forum) and optional tags.

The 5 most common tags auto list when you click in the field, but it also auto-searches. So if I was starting a Netflix scripted TV-Show, I would click tv-shows-scripted and then type Netf or something like that and choose netflix.

Again, this is 100% optional. Don’t feel obligated to add the tags. If I or another mod change the tags, please don’t be offended, usually means the tag wasn’t what you thought it was or the tag was used in the wrong forum.

Finally, we have the special purpose ukraine-invasion that is for any forum.
To help out in the QZ forum we have the factual tag which is suppose to mean the thread should be treated like it is in FQ and not IMHO.

I also added a weed-pot-marijuana tag as we’re allowed to talk about said more openly now. So far it hasn’t come up much.

Today I added a tag for Starz streaming. starz

Thanks for the clarification! Now I won’t feel so guilty next time I forget to tag my post :wink:

And we could in principle have tags relevant to other forums, too. But @What_Exit is the mod who’s most interested and involved in them, and so he created the tags relevant for the forums he moderates.

Any time more tags should be added, I’m fine with it.
I got permission to try them in the Café and as they were working I expanded them to The Game Room with permission. These are also 2 of the easiest forums to sort in this way.