Am i still a pit virgin?

Some time ago, Attrayant (then known as opus) introduced us to the concept of the “Pit Virgin” - those Dopers who, for reasons of morality, timidity, or just never got around to it, have never posted in the Pit: The BBQ Pit Virgin Registry.

I thought that I was a Pit virgin, until out of curiousity I did a search on my own name (but enough about you), and had two threads from the Pit pop up: ! ! !Old Glory! ! ! & Shouldn’t We Take Over Canada?

My first reaction was “Whoa! - who did I pit off, that they’re talking about me there?” Then I read the threads, and discovered that I had posted to them, in my innocence, when they were threads in other fora. Due to subsequent, “ahem,” personality conflicts between later posters, the mods shipped the two threads off to the Pit.

So here’s my question - since I’ve never posted to the Pit, am I still a Pit virgin? Or, does the fact that my name is on threads there, even though I was hauled in, all unwittingly, mean that I’ve lost my status as a Pit virgin, without even being aware of being deflowered?

NO… your not “spoiled” yet. Heavy pit petting maybe…

Soiled by the temptation, then cast out from paradise because I couldn’t resist wading in the pit’s fecal-contaminated waters.

[Jimmy Swaggert]
Forgive me! Bawwwwwwl waaaaaaahahahahaha!! Pleeeeeeeease waaaaaaaaahahahaha!!
[/Jimmy Swaggert]

Oh well.

If penetration has not occured than you are still innocent. This sounds like a classic case of premature ejaculation. You posted, then it was sent to the pit.